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Water and Cities in Latin America: Challenges for Sustainable Development Webpage
The role of colonial pasts in shaping climate futures: Adaptive capacity in Georgetown, Guyana Journal Article Robinson et al. 2023
Food Security Challenges and Options in the Caribbean: Insights from a Scoping Review Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2022
Regional Trends in Social-Ecological-Technological (SET) Approaches to Sustainable Urban Planning: Focus on Asia Book Section Thammadi et al. 2022
Baselining for a circular Toronto: Material Flow Analysis Report Circle Economy 2021
Capacity building in participatory approaches for hydro-climatic Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean Journal Article Roopnarine et al. 2021
Cities as organisms: Urban metabolism of the four main Danish cities Journal Article Lanau et al. 2021
Impacts of transportation network companies on urban mobility Journal Article Diao et al. 2021
Operationalizing Urban Resilience to Floods in Island Territories—Application in Punaauia, French Polynesia Journal Article Lamaury et al. 2021
Pathways to coastal retreat Journal Article Haasnoot et al. 2021
Risks to future atoll habitability from climate-driven environmental changes Journal Article Duvat et al. 2021
The Environmental and Resource Dimensions of Automated Transport: A Nexus for Enabling Vehicle Automation to Support Sustainable Urban Mobility Journal Article Nikitas et al. 2021
The impact of Uber and Lyft on vehicle ownership, fuel economy, and transit across U.S. cities Journal Article Ward et al. 2021
A Review of Technical Standards for Smart Cities Journal Article Lai et al. 2020
A systematic review of factors influencing spatiotemporal variability in urban water and energy consumption Journal Article Voskamp et al. 2020
Biophysical characterization and quantification of waste from the meat sector of the city of Quito: case study of the Quito Metropolitan Trace Company EMRAQ-EP Thesis Auz Rosero and Chérrez Gavilanes 2020
Circular Kongsvinger Region Report Circle Economy 2020
Circular Àmbit B30 Report Circle Economy 2020
Developing a Sustainable Concept for Urban Last-Mile Delivery Journal Article Siegfried and Zhang 2020
Evaluating urban water management using a water metabolism framework: A comparative analysis of three regions in Korea Journal Article Jeong and Park 2020
Learning to Chill: The Role of Design Schools and Professional Training to Improve Urban Climate and Urban Metabolism Journal Article Taleghani et al. 2020
Lost Material Stock in Buildings due to Sea Level Rise from Global Warming: The Case of Fiji Islands Journal Article Merschroth et al. 2020
Methodological framework for the implementation of circular economy in urban systems Journal Article Levoso et al. 2020
On-demand automotive fleet electrification can catalyze global transportation decarbonization and smart urban mobility Journal Article Bauer et al. 2020
Past, Present, and Future Vulnerability to Dengue in Jamaica: A Spatial Analysis of Monthly Variations Journal Article Henry and Mendonça 2020
The fourth-revolution in the water sector encounters the digital revolution Journal Article Garrido-Baserba et al. 2020
What is a circular city? (and is it an oxymoron?) Video Recording Aristide Athanassiadis 2020
A Geodesign Decision Support Environment for Integrating Management of Resource Flows in Spatial Planning Journal Article Arciniegas et al. 2019
A Simple Sinuosity-Based Method using GPS data to Support Mitigation Policies for Public Buses GHG Emissions Conference Paper Wills et al. 2019
A general data model for socioeconomic metabolism and its implementation in an industrial ecology data commons prototype Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2019
A literature review and categorisation of sustainability-aimed urban metabolism indicators: a context, indicator, mechanism, outcome analysis Journal Article Song et al. 2019
A smart solution to rush-hour traffic congestion: Effects of dockless bike-sharing entry on ride-sharing Journal Article Qin et al. 2019
A spatial analysis of material stock accumulation and demolition waste potential of buildings: A case study of Padua Journal Article Miatto et al. 2019
An ecological-thermodynamic approach to urban metabolism: Measuring resource utilization with open system network effectiveness analysis Journal Article Tan et al. 2019
Analysis of urban metabolism and policy assessment : building a nested multiregional input-output model Thesis BRAMBILLA di CIVESIO and BURATTI 2019
Capture and Control of Material Flows and Stocks in Urban Housing - Based on the Case Study of the Housing Industry in Munich-Freiham Thesis Matthias Arnold Heinrich 2019
Characterizing the metabolic pattern of urban systems using MuSIASEM: The case of Barcelona Journal Article Pérez-Sánchez et al. 2019
Circular Economy Opportunities in Almaty Report Circle Economy 2019
Circular Economy Strategies in Eight Historic Port Cities: Criteria and Indicators Towards a Circular City Assessment Framework Journal Article Antonia Gravagnuolo and Girard 2019
Circular Prague Report Circle Economy 2019
Circular cities Switzerland - Bern: Material flow analysis Report Circle Economy 2019
City of Flows: The Need for Design-Led Research to Urban Metabolism Journal Article Rob Roggema 2019
Combining material flow analysis with life cycle assessment to identify environmental hotspots of urban consumption Journal Article Westin et al. 2019
Conceptualizing Household Energy Metabolism: A Methodological Contribution Journal Article Strydom et al. 2019
Construction and demolition waste generation in cities in India: an integrated approach Journal Article Jain et al. 2019
Consumption-Based Carbon Emissions of Tianjin Based on Multi-Scale Input–Output Analysis Journal Article Xu et al. 2019
Deliverable 3.3 Process model for the two pilot cases: Amsterdam, the Netherlands & Naples, Italy Report Bob Geldermans (TUD) and 2019
Detailed urban analysis of commute-related GHG emissions to guide urban mitigation measures Journal Article Ariel Reznik Meidad Kissinger 2019
Developing a Design-Led Approach for the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in Cities Journal Article Rob Roggema Wanglin Yan 2019
Diets, Food Miles, and Environmental Sustainability of Urban Food Systems: Analysis of Nine Indian Cities Journal Article Boyer et al. 2019
Dynamic assessment of construction materials in urban building stocks – A critical review Journal Article Göswein et al. 2019
Effects of changing population or density on urban carbon dioxide emissions Journal Article Diego Rybski & Jürgen P. Kropp Haroldo V. Ribeiro 2019
Energy Report Municipality of The Hague Report Lokale Energie Etalage 2019
Energy retrofit scenarios material flows and circularity Conference Paper Gobbo et al. 2019
Estimation of greenhouse gas reduction in waste recycling sector in Cheongju-si, Korea using US EPA WARM model Conference Paper Lee et al. 2019
Examining urban metabolism: A material flow perspective on cities and their sustainability Journal Article Cui et al. 2019
Exploring the Relationships Among Travel Multimodality, Driving Behavior, Use of Ridehailing and Energy Consumption Report Circella et al. 2019
Feeding the Urban Metabolism within Planetary Boundaries - A Policy for future-proof Phosphorus Supply of a medium-sized Western European City with respect to its Global Hinterland Thesis Lisa Harseim 2019
From the urban metabolism to the urban immune system Journal Article Eugene A. Mohareb David N. Bristow 2019
Germany: Hamburg aims to legalize dumpster diving Magazine Article Deutsche Welle 2019
Governing the City of Flows: How Urban Metabolism Approaches May Strengthen Accountability in Strategic Planning Journal Article Cathrin Zengerling 2019
Household carbon footprint patterns by the degree of urbanisation in Europe Journal Article Ottelin et al. 2019
In-use Product and Steel Stocks Sustaining the Urbanization of Xiamen, China Journal Article Song et al. 2019
Including Urban Metabolism Principles in Decision-Making: A Methodology for Planning Waste and Resource Management Journal Article Longato et al. 2019
Incorporating Metabolic Thinking into Regional Planning: The Case of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan Journal Article Daniela Perrotti Juanjo Galan 2019
Integrating lifecycle assessment and urban metabolism at city level: Comparison between Spanish cities Journal Article González-García and Dias 2019
Managing the Transition towards Circular Metabolism: Living Labs as a Co-Creation Approach Journal Article Amenta et al. 2019
Measuring the Impact of Ride-Hailing Firms on Urban Congestion: The Case of Uber in Europe and United States Report Xavier Fageda 2019
Metabolic relationships between cities and hinterland: a political-industrial ecology of energy metabolism of Saint-Nazaire metropolitan and port area (France) Journal Article Bahers et al. 2019
Opportunities and limits of circular economy as policy framework for urban metabolism Book Section Athanassiadis et al. 2019
Pathways to Modelling Ecosystem Services within an Urban Metabolism Framework Journal Article Thomas Elliot and Rugani 2019
Residential building material stocks and component-level circularity: The case of Singapore Journal Article Arora et al. 2019
Spatial analysis of urban material stock with clustering algorithms: A Northern European case study Journal Article Gontia et al. 2019
Spatial urban data system: A cloud-enabled big data infrastructure for social and economic urban analytics Journal Article Anejionu et al. 2019
Spatially explicit material stock analysis of buildings in Eastern China metropoles Journal Article Guo et al. 2019
The Impact of Airbnb on Residential Property Values and Rents: Evidence from Portugal Report Franco et al. 2019
The State of the Art of Material Flow Analysis Research Based on Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling and Disposal Journal Article Guo and Huang 2019
The efficient, the intensive, and the productive: Insights from urban Kaya scaling Journal Article Gudipudi et al. 2019
The living city - introduction to circular urban metabolism Book Paola Pluchino 2019
The metabolism of U.S. cities 2.0 Journal Article Chini and Stillwell 2019
Toronto Resilience Strategy Report City of Toronto 2019
Towards an interspatial urban metabolism analysis in an interconnected world Journal Article Zeev Stossel Meidad Kissinger 2019
Understanding Waste Management in a MegaCity Document Escalante et al. 2019
Urban Material Flows and Stocks Accounting: A Review of Methods and Their Application Report Hoekman and Bellstedt 2019
Urban water metabolism information for planning water sensitive city-regions Journal Article Serrao-Neumann et al. 2019
Using spatially explicit commodity flow and truck activity data to map urban material flows Journal Article Lynette Cheah Lih Wei Yeow 2019
Value co-creation for sustainable consumption and production in the sharing economy in China Journal Article Ma et al. 2019
Water-Energy-Food Nexus: A Provision to Tackle Urban Drought Book Section Mitra et al. 2019
‘One Planet’ Cities: Sustaining Humanity within Planetary Limits Book David Thorpe 2019
A Proposal to Integrate System Dynamics and Carbon Metabolism for Urban Planning Conference Paper Elliot et al. 2018
A geospatial approach of downscaling urban energy consumption density in mega-city Dhaka, Bangladesh Journal Article Sikder et al. 2018
A holistic framework for the integrated assessment of urban waste management systems Journal Article Chifari et al. 2018
A review on energy, environmental, and sustainability implications of connected and automated vehicles Journal Article Taiebat et al. 2018
Airbnb and the rent gap: Gentrification through the sharing economy Journal Article Wachsmuth and Weisler 2018
Amstelveen Circulair: Kansen voor de circulaire economie in Amstelveen Report Circle Economy 2018
Assessing the implementation of the Chongming Eco Island policy: What a broad planning evaluation framework tells more than technocratic indicator systems Journal Article Ma et al. 2018
Benchmarking urban eco-efficiency and urbanites' perception Journal Article Gudipudia et al. 2018
Circular Bilbao & Bizkaia Report Circle Economy 2018
Circular Cities: determinants of closed circulation of building materials. Conference Paper Urszula Koźmińska 2018
Circular cities Switzerland - Basel: Material flow analysis Report Circle Economy 2018
D.3.5. Process model for the follow-up cases: Łódź Report PAN) et al. 2018
D3.6 Process Model Hamburg Report (HCU) et al. 2018
D3.7 Process model Pécs Report (RKI) et al. 2018
Decentralised Organic Resource Treatments – Classification and comparison through Extended Material Flow Analysis Journal Article Bortolotti et al. 2018
Developing urban metabolism indicators for a better usage in metropolitan area municipalities Conference Paper Yan Song 2018
Development of an urban FEW nexus online analyzer to support urban circular economy strategy planning Journal Article Xue et al. 2018
Foundations of Material and Energy Flow Analysis and Types of Application for Governing Territories and Organisations Journal Article Ribon et al. 2018
From urban metabolism to industrial ecosystem metabolism: A study of construction in Shanghai from 2004 to 2014 Journal Article Zhang et al. 2018
GIS-based Flood Susceptibility and Risk Mapping Trinidad Using Weight Factor Modeling Journal Article Roopnarine et al. 2018
Interpreting Circularity. Circular City Representations Concealing Transition Drivers Journal Article Marin and De Meulder 2018
Metabolism of Global Cities: London, Manchester, Chicago Book Section Harriet Friedmann 2018
Quantifying potential anthropogenic resources of buildings through hot spot analysis Journal Article Cheng et al. 2018
Quantifying the spatial patterns of urban carbon metabolism: A case study of Hangzhou, China Journal Article Xia et al. 2018
Social MFA: Scrap Metal in the Context of Cape Town Thesis Logan Gardner 2018
Space-time information analysis for resource-conscious urban planning and design: A stakeholder based identification of urban metabolism data gaps Journal Article M.Voskamp et al. 2018
State of the Environment Report 2018 Report City of Cape Town 2018
Technomass and Cooling Demand in South America: a superlinear relationship? Journal Article Palme et al. 2018
The Weight of Cities: Resource Requirements of Future Urbanization Report Swilling et al. 2018
Uncovering the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Urban Infrastructure Development: A High Spatial Resolution Material Stock and Flow Analysis Journal Article Han et al. 2018
Understanding the mechanism of urban material metabolism with ecological network analysis: An experimental study of Wuxi, China Journal Article Li et al. 2018
Urban Metabolism of Bangalore City: A Water Mass Balance Analysis Journal Article Paul et al. 2018
Urban Metabolism of Intermediate Cities: The Material Flow Analysis, Hinterlands and the Logistics‐Hub Function of Rennes and Le Mans (France) Journal Article Bahers et al. 2018
Urban energy systems within the transition to sustainable development. A research agenda for urban metabolism Journal Article Carreón] and Worrell 2018
Urban metabolism of megacities: A comparative analysis of Shanghai, Tokyo, London and Paris to inform low carbon and sustainable development pathways Journal Article Han et al. 2018
Waste Market Intelligence Report 2018 Report GreenCape 2018
Water Outlook 2018 Report City of Cape Town 2018
Water services and the Cape Town urban water cycle Report City of Cape Town 2018
A Database to Facilitate a Process-Oriented Approach to Urban Metabolism Journal Article Ravalde and Keirstead 2017
A Hybrid Approach for Assessing the Multi-Scale Impacts of Urban Resource Use: Transportation in Phoenix, Arizona Journal Article Clark and Chester 2017
An Urban Metabolism and Carbon Footprint Analysis of the Jing-Jin-Ji Regional Agglomeration Journal Article Zheng et al. 2017
An integrative approach to understand vulnerability and resilience post-disaster: The 2015 cyclone Pam in urban Vanuatu as case study Journal Article Rey et al. 2017
Analysis of Urban Metabolism Cycles for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourist City. The Case of Miramar (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Conference Paper Testa et al. 2017
Bomen CSV Den Haag Dataset Gemeente Den Haag 2017
Circular Economy in the Construction Sector in Brussels: State of the art, challenges and model to come Report Aristide Athanassiadis 2017
Circular economy. The Municipality of The Hague Report The Municipality of The Hague 2017
Comparing the material stock of seven cities Conference Paper Athanassiadis et al. 2017
Comprehensive evaluation on industrial & urban symbiosis by combining MFA, carbon footprint and emergy methods—Case of Kawasaki, Japan Journal Article Ohnishi et al. 2017
Conceptualising slum in an urban African context Journal Article Smit et al. 2017
Connecting land-use and water planning: Prospects for an urban water metabolism approach Journal Article Serrao-Neumann et al. 2017
Contributions of Local Farming to Urban Sustainability in the Northeast United States Journal Article Goldstein et al. 2017
Development of a municipal solid waste management decision support tool for Naples, Italy Journal Article Chifari et al. 2017
Downscaling Aggregate Urban Metabolism Accounts to Local Districts Journal Article Horta and Keirstead 2017
Eco-benefits assessment on urban industrial symbiosis based on material flows analysis and emergy evaluation approach: A case of Liuzhou city, China Journal Article Sun et al. 2017
Embodied GHGs in a Fast Growing City: Looking at the Evolution of a Dwelling Stock using Structural Element Breakdown and Policy Scenarios: Embodied GHGs in a Fast Growing City Journal Article Göswein et al. 2017
Estimating the Potential for Urban Mining in Paris Region Conference Paper Vincent Augiseau Sabine Barles 2017
Evaluation Approaches for Advancing Urban Water Goals Journal Article Renouf and Kenway 2017
From Urban climate to Energy Consumption: Enhancing Building Performance Simulation by Including the Urban Heat Island Effect Journal Article Palme et al. 2017
Global scenarios of urban density and its impacts on building energy use through 2050 Journal Article Güneralp et al. 2017
Impact of the Economic Structure of Cities on Urban Scaling Factors: Implications for Urban Material and Energy Flows in China Journal Article Ramaswami et al. 2017
Local Material and Energy Flow Analysis for the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Thesis Arunkumar Senthilnayagam 2017
Map of actors and initiatives in circular economy in Montréal Report Scherrer et al. 2017
Material flow analysis of the residential building stock at the city of Rio de Janeiro Journal Article Condeixa et al. 2017
Meaningful Circular Metabolism Thesis B. D. Nap 2017
On the circularisation of territorial metabolism Book Section Stephan Kampelmann 2017
Prospecting the Urban Mine of Amsterdam Report Voet et al. 2017
Quantifying and mapping embodied environmental requirements of urban building stocks Journal Article Stephan and Athanassiadis 2017
Reprint of: Urban metabolism profiles. An empirical analysis of the material flow characteristics of three metropolitan areas in Sweden Journal Article Rosado et al. 2017
Resource management in peri-urban areas (REPAiR): D3.1 Introduction to methodology for integrated spatial, material flow and social analyses Report Geldermans et al. 2017
Scenarios for achieving absolute reductions in phosphorus consumption in Singapore Journal Article Pearce and Chertow 2017
Sustainable urban systems: Co-design and framing for transformation Journal Article Webb et al. 2017
The Life Cycle Assessment of an Energy-Positive Peri-Urban Residence in a Tropical Regime Journal Article Bukoski et al. 2017
The Nexus of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Biodiversity Impacts from Urban Metabolism Journal Article Singh and Kennedy 2017
The contribution of the informal economy to urban sustainability - case study of waste management in Tepito, Mexico City Thesis Louise Guibrunet 2017
The role of port and logistic activities in Brussels Journal Article Mathieu Strale 2017
Transforming the Cement Industry into a Key Environmental Infrastructure for Urban Ecosystem: A Case Study of an Industrial City in China Journal Article Cao et al. 2017
Urban Metabolism for Resource-Efficient Cities: from Theory to Implementation Report Musango et al. 2017
Urban Metabolism of Three Cities in Jing-Jin-JiUrban Agglomeration, China: Using theMuSIASEM Approach Journal Article Xiaoyue Wang and Li 2017
Urban metabolism: A review with reference to Cape Town Journal Article Currie et al. 2017
Urbanisation processes as key for analysing construction materials flows and stocks: Paris Region case study Conference Paper Sabine Barles Vincent Augiseau 2017
Using Material and Energy Flow Analysis to Estimate Future Energy Demand at the City Level Journal Article Albelwi et al. 2017
Using Web‐Based Technology to Bring Hands‐On Urban Material Flow Analysis to the Classroom Journal Article Villalba and Hoekman 2017
Waste Market Intelligence Report 2017 Report GreenCape 2017
Water management in Brussels: knowledge gained from the long time data series of the Flowbru regional telemetry system Journal Article de Ville and Verbanck 2017
A heat vulnerability index: spatial patterns of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity for Santiago de Chile Journal Article Inostroza et al. 2016
A multi-year, multi-scale analysis of urban sustainability Journal Article Dor and Kissinger 2016
African Urbanization: Assimilating Urban Metabolism into Sustainability Discourse and Practice Journal Article Currie and Musango 2016
An Urban Approach to Planetary Boundaries Journal Article Hoornweg et al. 2016
Assessing urban sustainability of Chinese megacities: 35 years after the economic reform and open-door policy Journal Article Huang et al. 2016
Cape Town's Metabolism: Insights from a Material Flow Analysis Journal Article Hoekman and von Blottnitz 2016
Changes of human time and land use pattern in one mega city's urban metabolism: a multi-scale integrated analysis of Shanghai Journal Article Lu et al. 2016
Circulair Noord-Holland: Inzichten in het speelveld van de circulaire economie Report Circle Economy 2016
Circular Amsterdam: A vision and action agenda for the city and metropolitan area Report Circle Economy 2016
Circular Glasgow: A vision and action plan for the city of Glasgow Report Circle Economy 2016
City Carbon Footprint Networks Journal Article Chen et al. 2016
Climate Change and Food Security: Africa and the Caribbean Book Elizabeth Thomas Hope 2016
Comparing a territorial-based and a consumption-based approach to assess the local and global environmental performance of cities Journal Article Athanassiadis et al. 2016
Energy intensities of urban form: a gravitational analysis for the Metropolitan City of Milan and Lombardy region, Italy Conference Paper Zhao et al. 2016
Enhanced Performance of the Eurostat Method for Comprehensive Assessment of Urban Metabolism: A Material Flow Analysis of Amsterdam Journal Article Voskamp et al. 2016
Evaluating urban sustainability potential based on material flow analysis of inputs and outputs: A case study in Jinchang City, China Journal Article Li et al. 2016
Examining the historical and present energy metabolism of a Rust Belt City: Syracuse, NY 1840--2005 Journal Article Balogh et al. 2016
Extended Exergy Accounting for Karachi Journal Article Jahangir et al. 2016
Extreme Events, Critical Infrastructures, Human Vulnerability and Strategic Planning: Emerging Research Issues Journal Article Birkmann et al. 2016
Flows, system boundaries and the politics of urban metabolism: Waste management in Mexico City and Santiago de Chile Journal Article Guibrunet et al. 2016
GIS‐based Analysis of Vienna's Material Stock in Buildings Journal Article Kleemann et al. 2016
Global Sustainable City-Regions: Mumbai, Shenzhen, Reykjavik, Portland, Budapest, Glasgow and Rotterdam Book Igor Calzada 2016
Impact of the Smart City Industry on the Korean National Economy: Input-Output Analysis Journal Article Kim et al. 2016
Integrating Urban Heat Assessment in Urban Plans Journal Article Echevarria et al. 2016
Lisbon's womb: an approach to the city metabolism in the turn to the twentieth century Journal Article Niza et al. 2016
Material Flow Analysis in Quebec: Methods and operationalising challenges in a circular economy perspective Thesis Audrey Morris 2016
Material Quickscan for Rotterdam and Den Haag Report Metabolic 2016
Metabolic heat production by human and animal populations in cities Journal Article Stewart and Kennedy 2016
Modeling of material and energy flows in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy using urban metabolism approaches Conference Paper Igor Tereshchenko Gabriela Fernandez 2016
Monitoring Urban Copper Flows in Stockholm, Sweden: Implications of Changes Over Time Journal Article Amneklev et al. 2016
Multi-criteria analysis and interactive selection of urban solid waste management proposals, Santa Eufemia, Córdoba, Argentina Journal Article and 2016
Quantitative Analysis of Factors Contributing to Urban Heat Island Effect in Cities of Latin-American Pacific Coast Journal Article Palme et al. 2016
Resource consumption drivers and pathways to reduction: economy, policy and lifestyle impact on material flows at the national and urban scale Journal Article Kalmykova et al. 2016
Spatial variation in the ecological relationships among the components of Beijing's carbon metabolic system Journal Article Xia et al. 2016
State of Energy Report 2015 Report City of Cape Town 2016
Structural, geographic, and social factors in urban building energy use: Analysis of aggregated account-level consumption data in a megacity Journal Article Porse et al. 2016
Surveying the Environmental Footprint of Urban Food Consumption Journal Article Goldstein et al. 2016
The Concept of City Carbon Maps: A Case Study of Melbourne, Australia Journal Article Wiedmann et al. 2016
The Efficiency of Informality: Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Informal Recycling in Bogotá, Colombia Journal Article Vergara et al. 2016
The greening of neoliberal urbanism in Santiago de Chile: urbanisation by green enclaves and the production of a new socio-nature in Chicureo Thesis Martin Sanzana Calvet 2016
Toward a Political Ecology of Biosocial Relations. Rethinking the Urban Water Metabolism beyond the City Report Schulz and Bruns 2016
Towards a Dynamic Approach to Urban Metabolism: Tracing the Temporal Evolution of Brussels' Urban Metabolism from 1970 to 2010 Journal Article Athanassiadis et al. 2016
Towards more comprehensive urban environmental assessments: exploring the complex relationship between urban and metabolic profiles Thesis Aristide Athanassiadis 2016
Transnational city carbon footprint networks - Exploring carbon links between Australian and Chinese cities Journal Article Chen et al. 2016
Uncovering driving forces on urban metabolism—A case of Shenyang Journal Article Sun et al. 2016
Urban Food Consumption in Metro Manila: Interdisciplinary Approaches Towards Apprehending Practices, Patterns, and Impacts Journal Article Burger Chakraborty et al. 2016
Urban Food Consumption in Metro Manila: Interdisciplinary Approaches Towards Apprehending Practices, Patterns, and Impacts Journal Article Burger Chakraborty et al. 2016
Urban carbon transformations: unravelling spatial and inter-sectoral linkages for key city industries based on multi-region input-output analysis Journal Article Chen et al. 2016
Urban metabolism in Syracuse, NY – introduction Journal Article David J. Nowak 2016
Urban metabolism profiles. An empirical analysis of the material flow characteristics of three metropolitan areas in Sweden Journal Article Rosado et al. 2016
Using change detection data to assess amount and composition of demolition waste from buildings in Vienna Journal Article Kleemann et al. 2016
Volume control: Stormwater and the politics of urban metabolism Journal Article Joshua Cousins 2016
Waste Market Intelligence Report 2016 Report GreenCape 2016
A Cities Approach to Sustainability Thesis Daniel Hoornweg 2015
A political-industrial ecology of water supply infrastructure for Los Angeles Journal Article Cousins and Newell 2015
AmI and the IoT and Environmental and Societal Sustainability: Risks, Challenges, and Underpinnings Book Section Bibri and Bibri 2015
An application of system dynamics for evaluating planning alternatives to guide a green industrial transformation in a resource-based city Journal Article Kuai et al. 2015
Analysis of High-Resolution Utility Data for Understanding Energy Use in Urban Systems: The Case of Los Angeles, California Journal Article Pincetl et al. 2015
Changing tourism patterns, capital accumulation, and urban water consumption in Mallorca, Spain: a sustainability fix? Journal Article Hof and Blázquez-Salom 2015
Changing urban phosphorus metabolism: Evidence from Longyan City, China Journal Article Cui et al. 2015
Emergy Synthesis for Three Main Industries in Wuyishan City, China Journal Article Yang et al. 2015
Energy and material flows of megacities Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2015
Energy balance of the Brussels Capital Region (Year 2013) Report Vanderpoorten et al. 2015
Evolution of the energy intensity of the Brussels Region Report Vanderpoorten and Verbeke 2015
Fluxes of urban pollution from the city of Naples (IT) Presentation Famulari et al. 2015
Implementing Smart Urban Metabolism in the Stockholm Royal Seaport: Smart City SRS Journal Article Shahrokni et al. 2015
Intensive measurements of PM above the city of Naples (Southern Italy) Report et al. 2015
Island morphology, reef resources, and development paths in the Maldives Journal Article Alexander K. Naylor 2015
Mass, energy, and emergy analysis of the metabolism of Macao Journal Article Lei et al. 2015
Material Flow Analysis for a Circular Economy Development: A Material Stock Quantification Method of Urban Civil Infrastructures with a Case Study of PVC in an Amsterdam Neighbourhood Thesis Carolin Bellstedt 2015
Melbourne’s foodbowl: Now and at seven million Report Sheridan and Carey 2015
Mercury emissions by Beijing׳s fossil energy consumption: Based on environmentally extended input-output analysis Journal Article Li et al. 2015
Metabolism of Brussels-Capital Region: identification of flows, economic actors and activities on the territory and tracks of reflection for resource optimisation Report Environnement et al. 2015
Sustainable management of excavated soil and rock in urban areas – A literature review Journal Article Magnusson et al. 2015
The Baltimore School of Urban Ecology: Space, Scale and Time for the Study of Cities Book Grove et al. 2015
The ferrous find: Counting iron and steel stocks in China's economy Journal Article Wang et al. 2015
The strategy good food: "towards a sustainable food system in the Brussels Capital Region" Report Céline Fremault 2015
Theodor Weyl: A Pioneer of Urban Metabolism Studies Journal Article Lederer and Kral 2015
Toward Social Material Flow Analysis: On the Usefulness of Boundary Objects in Urban Mining Research Journal Article Björn Wallsten 2015
Towards Urban Resource Flow Estimates in Data Scarce Environments: The Case of African Cities Journal Article Currie et al. 2015
Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Indicators at Different Spatial Levels Journal Article Patrício et al. 2015
Understanding Urban Metabolism: A Tool for Urban Planning Book Chrysoulakis et al. 2015
Urban Economies Resource Productivity and Decoupling: Metabolism Trends of 1996--2011 in Sweden, Stockholm, and Gothenburg Journal Article Kalmykova et al. 2015
Urban Metabolism and Quality of Life in Informal Areas Conference Paper Attia and Khalil 2015
Urban Metabolism as Framework for Circular Economy Design for Cities Conference Paper Leonardo Rosado Yuliya Kalmykova 2015
Urban Metabolism of Recycling and Reusing Food Waste: A Case Study in Taipei City Journal Article Tseng and Chiueh 2015
Urban energy consumption: Different insights from energy flow analysis, input-output analysis and ecological network analysis Journal Article Chen and Chen 2015
Urban household solid waste generation and collection in Beijing, China Journal Article Liu et al. 2015
Urban metabolism based on emergy and slack based model: A case study of Beijing, China Journal Article Song et al. 2015
Urban metabolism: Measuring the city's contribution to sustainable development Journal Article Conke and Ferreira 2015
Urban-Scale Material Flow Analysis in a South African Context: A Cape Town Feasibility Study Thesis Paul Hoekman 2015
Where does climate fit? Vulnerability to climate change in the context of multiple stressors in Funafuti, Tuvalu Journal Article McCubbin et al. 2015
A Material Flow Accounting Case Study of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area using the Urban Metabolism Analyst Model Journal Article Rosado et al. 2014
A system dynamics modeling for urban air pollution: A case study of Tehran, Iran Journal Article Vafa-Arani et al. 2014
An integrated material metabolism model for stocks of urban road system in Beijing, China Journal Article Guo et al. 2014
Analysis of Egyptian Cities towards Sustainable Urban Metabolism Conference Paper Nourhan Magdy 2014
Analysis of the energy metabolism of urban socioeconomic sectors and the associated carbon footprints: Model development and a case study for Beijing Journal Article Zhang et al. 2014
Concepts and methodologies for measuring the sustainability of cities Journal Article Yetano Roche et al. 2014
Developing a multi-layered indicator set for urban metabolism studies in megacities Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2014
Ecological network analysis of an urban metabolic system based on input-output tables: Model development and case study for Beijing Journal Article Zhang et al. 2014
Enabling Future Sustainability Transitions: An Urban Metabolism Approach to Los Angeles Journal Article Pincetl et al. 2014
Environmentally extended input–output analysis on a city scale – application to Aveiro (Portugal) Journal Article Dias et al. 2014
Estimates of Lost Material Stock of Buildings and Roads Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Journal Article Tanikawa et al. 2014
Evaluating spatiotemporal differences and sustainability of Xiamen urban metabolism using emergy synthesis Journal Article Yang et al. 2014
Exploring urban mines: Pipe length and material stocks in urban water and wastewater networks Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2014
Freight transport in Brussels and its impact on road traffic? Journal Article Cathy Macharis Philippe Lebeau 2014
Impact of Wastewater Release on the Faecal Contamination of a Small Urban River: The Zenne River in Brussels (Belgium) Journal Article Ouattara et al. 2014
Incorporating Bio-Physical Sciences into a Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Urban Planning Journal Article Mitraka et al. 2014
Metabolism of megacities: A review and synthesis of the literature Report Stewart et al. 2014
Mineral commodities in the Western Cape Province, South Africa Report Cole et al. 2014
Resource use in the Chinese building sector: foundations for analyzing urban transition. Thesis Z.A.C. Accuardi 2014
Spatial allocation of material flow analysis in residential developments: a case study of Kildare County, Ireland Journal Article Roy et al. 2014
Stadtentwicklung im Nexus von Ressourcenschonung und Klimaschutz Book Section Müller and 2014
The Copper Balance of Cities Journal Article Kral et al. 2014
The boundaries of urban metabolism: Towards a political–industrial ecology Journal Article Newell and Cousins 2014
The urban metabolism of the city of Uppsala (Sweden) Journal Article Russo et al. 2014
Urban Household Water Demand in Beijing by 2020: An Agent-Based Model Journal Article Yuan et al. 2014
Urban Metabolism - Sustainable development of Rotterdam Book Rotterdam et al. 2014
Urban Metabolism of Six Asian Cities Report Ferrao et al. 2014
Urban Metabolism: A Tool for the Sustainability of Cities Journal Article Cristian Julián Díaz Álvarez 2014
Urban ecological footprint analysis: a comparative study between Shenyang in China and Kawasaki in Japan Journal Article Geng et al. 2014
Urban material flow analysis: An approach for Bogotá, Colombia Journal Article Alfonso Piña and Pardo Martínez 2014
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