Toronto Resilience Strategy

Executive Summary:
This is Toronto’s first resilience strategy. It sets out a vision, goals, and actions to help Toronto survive, adapt and thrive in the face of any challenge, particularly climate change and growing inequities. Building the Resilience Strategy was a collective effort. We’ve engaged over 8,000 Torontonians in conversations about resilience face to face, over the phone, on social media, at City Hall, in libraries, in parks, and in people’s homes.
They told us they want a city where every resident can thrive, where diversity is nurtured and residents have empathy for each other. One where long-term, “all my relations” thinking is considered in every decision. One where residents know the history of Indigenous peoples and are committed to taking action for Truth and Reconciliation. One that is efficient, safe and affordable, and led by brave and caring leaders who reflect the communities they serve.
We have developed a set of 10 goals and 27 actions to deliver on this vision. They are organized into three focus areas: people and neighbourhoods, infrastructure, and leadership for a resilient city. Taking action in each of these focus areas will help us achieve the vision.
Making Toronto more resilient requires a focus on equity. We know that residents experience resilience differently based on which neighbourhood they live in, and who they are, including in terms of their race, income, and gender. We also know that access to safe and liveable homes and reliable infrastructure is not equitably distributed across the city. For example, apartment towers, where one in three low income families live, are disproportionately vulnerable to extreme heat and power shortages. And we know that vulnerable residents are much less likely to participate in civic processes or see themselves reflected by government. While Toronto is already making exciting strides towards resilient neighbourhoods and infrastructure, more can be done towards realizing resilience across the city.
Toronto’s Resilience Strategy builds on a wealth of existing and planned efforts to make Toronto more resilient. It delivers where there are gaps, brings a resilience lens to existing work, and intends to shape future plans coming to Toronto in the coming years.
This Strategy is meant to light a spark – to drive action at the City and from business, academia, non-profit organizations, and residents to build a city where everyone can thrive.

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