D.3.5. Process model for the follow-up cases: Łódź

Deliverable 3.5 of Work Package 3 REPAiR project presents an integrated analysis of the caste study in the Łódź region with a focus on organic waste (Vegetable, Fruit and Garden waste fraction) production and processing, and the transition to a circular society. It comprises spatial, social and material flow analyses of this case study area and follows the guidelines of D3.1 and D3.3. The main goal of the report is to present the status quo of a waste management system in Łódź. The report delivers Spatial, Material Flow and Social Analyses for the Łódź Metropolitan Area. Taking into account assumptions of the REPAiR project, selecting the appropriate type of waste, which will be subjected to a detailed analysis become a necessity. Considering statements of the User Board members, PULL workshops’ participants and bearing in mind challenges facing the Łódź agglomeration in the field of proper waste management, it was decided to conduct the material flow analysis concerning-biodegradable municipal waste regarding the Vegetable, Fruit and Garden (VFG waste) fraction. Finally, this report reflects on the factors disturbing the waste flow and summarize with some policy recommendations.

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