Multi-criteria analysis and interactive selection of urban solid waste management proposals, Santa Eufemia, Córdoba, Argentina

The objective of this article is to show an interactive multi-criteria method for evaluating proposals for management of urban solid waste in Santa Eufemia, Córdoba, Argentina. Five alternatives:PGRSU1_tendential; PGRSU2_SinHo; PGRSU3_Ecomanagement; PGRSU4_Ecomanagementwith mixed destinations; PGRSU_5 were designed and evaluated seven criteria: Investments ($);Municipal Economic Cost ($/year); GHG emissions (tons CO2 eq yr-1); Qualitative: Fragmentation of Landscape and Visual; Affections risk to the Population Health; Social involvement; Institutional Political effort. The PROMETHEE method was used to choose the proposal, and preferences were surveyed in workshops with government and local actors. The results show conflicts between proposals. PGRSU_1 is the best alternative investment and the worst is PGRSU_5 ($ 2,135,000versus $ 5,585,000). PGRSU_3 has the lowest economic cost city ($ 2,687,699). Institutional political effort is PGRSU_1 the best and worst is PGRSU_3; reverse situation for the criterion social involvement. As for GHG emissions is the best alternative PGRSU_3 and worse the PGRSU_4 (2,792 versus 6,329 tons CO2 eq yr-1). Decision makers consider important the seven criteria, giving higher preference to social involvement and criterion (μ = 9.4 and = 0.88) lower at the municipal economic cost (μ = 6.3 and = 3.00). The selected alternative is PGRSU3_Ecomanagement.

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Santa Eufemia

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