Emission inventory for greenhouse gases in the City of Barcelona, 1987–1996

Emissions of greenhouse gases for the City of Barcelona are estimated for the period 1987–1994. The sources considered are: public and private transportation; industrial, commercial and domestic activities; and municipal solid waste disposal. The results show that the main source of CO2 emissions in Barcelona is private vehicle transportation, which accounts, as an average for the period studied, for 35% of total emissions. The second most important source is the municipal solid waste landfill facility of the city (24% of total emissions). The percentages for the remaining sources under consideration were: 14% electricity, 12% natural gas, 5% incineration, and 3% liquefied petroleum gases. However, the values for CO2 emissions per inhabitant over the period studied are lower than those for any other industrialized city available for comparison. This is closely related to the high percentage of electricity generation from nuclear power stations and hydro power facilities, and also to the extensive use of natural gas for domestic uses.

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