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Most atolls will be uninhabitable by the mid-21st century because of sea-level rise exacerbating wave-driven flooding Journal Article Storlazzi et al.
The Bahamas at risk: Material stocks, sea-level rise, and the implications for development Journal Article Martin del Campo et al. 2023
The Bahamas at risk: Material stocks, sea-level rise, and the implications for development. Journal Article Martin del Campo et al. 2023
The resource (in)sufficiency of the Caribbean: analyzing socio-metabolic risks (SMR) of water, energy, and food Journal Article Martin del Campo et al. 2023
The role of colonial pasts in shaping climate futures: Adaptive capacity in Georgetown, Guyana Journal Article Robinson et al. 2023
How to move a country: Fiji’s radical plan to escape rising sea levels Newspaper Article Kate Lyons 2022
Climate Adaptation by Farmers in Three Communities in the Maldives Book Section Shafeeqa et al. 2021
Institutional and Policy Analysis: Water Security and Disaster Management in Small Island Developing States Book Section Wale et al. 2021
Loss and damage implications of sea-level rise on Small Island Developing States Journal Article Martyr-Koller et al. 2021
The role of migration and demographic change in small island futures Journal Article Speelman et al. 2021
Archaeology, environmental justice, and climate change on islands of the Caribbean and southwestern Indian Ocean Journal Article Douglass and Cooper 2020
GIS-based Material Stock Analysis (MSA) of Climate Vulnerabilities to the Tourism Industry in Antigua and Barbuda Journal Article Bradshaw et al. 2020
Sinking Islands, Drowned Logic; Climate Change and Community-Based Adaptation Discourses in Solomon Islands Journal Article van der Ploeg et al. 2020
The weight of islands: Leveraging Grenada's material stocks to adapt to climate change Journal Article Symmes et al. 2020
Attributing long-term sea-level rise to Paris Agreement emission pledges Journal Article Nauels et al. 2019
Home by the sea: new science shows more sea-level rise impacts on small islands Journal Article Martyr-Koller et al. 2019
Coastal Protection Measures – Case of Small Island Developing States to Address Sea-level Rise Journal Article Poh Poh Wong 2018
Coastal hazard risk assessment for small islands: assessing the impact of climate change and disaster reduction measures on Ebeye (Marshall Islands) Journal Article Giardino et al. 2018
Community-based adaptation in low-lying islands in the Philippines: challenges and lessons learned Journal Article Jamero et al. 2018
Extreme sea level implications of 1.5°C, 2.0°C, and 2.5°C temperature stabilization targets in the 21st and 22nd centuries Journal Article Rasmussen et al. 2018
Heading for the hills: climate-driven community relocations in the Solomon Islands and Alaska provide insight for a 1.5 °C future Journal Article Albert et al. 2018
Practical tools for quantitative analysis of coastal vulnerability and sea level rise impacts—application in a Caribbean island and assessment of the 1.5 °C threshold Journal Article Biondi and Guannel 2018
Responding to multiple climate-linked stressors in a remote island context: The example of Yadua Island, Fiji Journal Article Martin et al. 2018
Effects of Climate Change on Exposure to Coastal Flooding in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Reguero et al. 2015
SIDS in Numbers. Climate Change Edition 2015 Report UN-OHRLLS 2015
Where does climate fit? Vulnerability to climate change in the context of multiple stressors in Funafuti, Tuvalu Journal Article McCubbin et al. 2015
Obstacles to climate change adaptation decisions: a case study of sea-level rise and coastal protection measures in Kiribati Journal Article Donner and Webber 2014
The first climate refugees? Contesting global narratives of climate change in Tuvalu Journal Article Farbotko and Lazrus 2012
The vulnerability of Caribbean coastal tourism to scenarios of climate change related sea level rise Journal Article Scott et al. 2012
Small island developing states Journal Article Poh Poh Wong 2011
Quantification and Magnitude of Losses and Damages Resulting from the Impacts of Climate Change: Modelling the Transformational Impacts and Costs of Sea Level Rise in the Caribbean Report Simpson et al. 2010
Predicting the Impact of Sea-Level Rise on Caribbean Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat Journal Article Fish et al. 2005
Adapting to Climate Change in Pacific Island Countries: The Problem of Uncertainty Journal Article Jon Barnett 2001
Impacts of climate change and sea-level rise on small island states: National and international responses Journal Article John C. Pernetta 1992