Quantification and Magnitude of Losses and Damages Resulting from the Impacts of Climate Change: Modelling the Transformational Impacts and Costs of Sea Level Rise in the Caribbean

This report provides a detailed and vigorous assessment of the losses and damages associated with sea level rise impacts on the population, ecosystems and key economic sectors in CARICOM nations. Advancements in understanding of the consequences of sea level rise at the regional level were accomplished through: utilisation of newly available higher resolution geospatial data of coastal areas (satellite based Digital Elevation Models); improved inventories of coastal infrastructure and other assets at risk; the first quantification of the extent of SLR-induced erosion risk in unconsolidated coastal areas; a more comprehensive understanding of combined SLR and storm surge risk; and, the first quantification of the extent and cost of structural protection works required to protect coastal cities in CARICOM countries from SLR.

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