Climate Adaptation by Farmers in Three Communities in the Maldives

The Maldives, a small island nation, is continuously facing climate changeClimate-Change impacts and adapting to them. One of the risks of climate change in the Maldives is the sea-level rise that threatens the livelihoodsLivelihood of Maldivians. This paper looks at how farmers in the Maldives adapt to changes in climatic conditions by interviewing farmers on three islands: Fuamulaku, Gan, and Fonadhoo. The study employed 24 in-depth interviews with farmers in these islands. Narratives from a few selected farmers are used to highlight the role of social capital and social networks in shaping farmers’ approaches to climate change adaptationClimate change adaptation. The study shows that family interactions, social networks, and available information build the foundation of their social capital. It identifies the need for effective dissemination of scientific information to farmers and demonstrates that strengthening social capital paves the way for improving their adaptive capacityAdaptive capacity.

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