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Title Type Author(s) Year
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Carbon Footprint Planning: Quantifying Local and State Mitigation Opportunities for 700 California Cities Journal Article Jones et al. 2018
The role of port and logistic activities in Brussels Journal Article Mathieu Strale 2017
Metabolism of megacities: A review and synthesis of the literature Report Stewart et al. 2014
Urban Metabolism of Six Asian Cities Report Ferrao et al. 2014
Urban Metabolism: A Tool for the Sustainability of Cities Journal Article Cristian Julián Díaz Álvarez 2014
Climate Change and Urban Metabolism of Latin American Megacities Journal Article Delgado et al. 2012
The study of urban metabolism and its applications to urban planning and design Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2011
Practical Handbook of Material Flow Analysis Book Brunner and Rechberger 2004
A handbook of industrial ecology Book Ayres and Ayres 2002
Abel Wolman's Metabolism of Cities Data visualisation 1965