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Implications of climate change on small island developing states: experience in the Caribbean region Webpage
3D GIS Modelling of Road and Building Material Stocks: A Case Study of Grenada Thesis Lingfei Ye 2022
Aligning artificial intelligence with climate change mitigation Journal Article Kaack et al. 2022
Application of the IoT in the Food Supply Chain─From the Perspective of Carbon Mitigation Journal Article Luo et al. 2022
Blockchain, climate damage, and death: Policy interventions to reduce the carbon emissions, mortality, and net-zero implications of non-fungible tokens and Bitcoin Journal Article Truby et al. 2022
Can Fintech development pave the way for a transition towards low-carbon economy: A global perspective Journal Article Tao et al. 2022
Can Texas mitigate wind and solar curtailments by leveraging bitcoin mining? Journal Article Niaz et al. 2022
Carbon Footprint of Alternative Grocery Shopping and Transportation Options from Retail Distribution Centers to Customer Journal Article Kemp et al. 2022
How ICT can contribute to realize a sustainable society in the future: a CGE approach Journal Article Zhang et al. 2022
Our New Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure: Becoming Locked into an Unsustainable Future Journal Article Robbins and van Wynsberghe 2022
Searching for Sustainable Footprints: Does ICT Increase CO2 Emissions? Journal Article Shobande and Asongu 2022
Techno-economic, and environmental evaluations of a novel cogeneration system based on solar energy and cryptocurrency mining Journal Article Nikzad and Mehregan 2022
The Environmental Sustainability of Digital Technologies: Stakeholder Practices and Perspectives Journal Article Samuel et al. 2022
The Role of Crypto Trading in the Economy, Renewable Energy Consumption and Ecological Degradation Journal Article Miśkiewicz et al. 2022
What contributes more to life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of farm produce: Production, transportation, packaging, or food loss? Journal Article Qin and Horvath 2022
A Short Overview of Rebound Effects in Methods of Artificial Intelligence Journal Article Martina Willenbacher 2021
Analysis of international climate change agreements in the context of Latin America and the Caribbean Book Section Abeldano et al. 2021
Bitcoin mining activity and volatility dynamics in the power market Report Karmakar et al. 2021
Bitcoin’s energy consumption and social costs in relation to its capacity as a settlement layer Report Ante and Fiedler 2021
Climate and Development Research in Small Island Developing States: The Benefits of a Political Ecology Approach Book Section Brown et al. 2021
From Bitcoin to carbon allowances: An asymmetric extreme risk spillover Journal Article Di Febo et al. 2021
ICT and environmental sustainability: Any differences in developing countries? Journal Article N’dri et al. 2021
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Last-Mile Parcel Delivery by Automated Vehicles and Robots Journal Article Li et al. 2021
The Economic and Environmental Impact of Bitcoin Journal Article Badea and Mungiu-Pupӑzan 2021
The Impact of the Digital Economy on CO2 Emissions: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis Journal Article Li et al. 2021
The real climate and transformative impact of ICT: A critique of estimates, trends, and regulations Journal Article Freitag et al. 2021
Water-land tradeoffs to meet future demands for sugar crops in Latin America and the Caribbean: A bio-physical and socio-economic nexus perspective Journal Article Zhong et al. 2021
A new composite climate change vulnerability index Journal Article Edmonds et al. 2020
A novel approach to calculate individuals’ carbon footprints using financial transaction data – App development and design Journal Article David Andersson 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change Journal Article Amy Stein 2020
Assessing the sustainable municipal solid waste (MSW) to electricity generation potentials in selected Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS) Journal Article Joseph and Prasad 2020
Climate change loss and damage policy implications for Pacific Island Countries Journal Article Nand and Bardsley 2020
Cryptodamages: Monetary value estimates of the air pollution and human health impacts of cryptocurrency mining Journal Article Goodkind et al. 2020
Data-Driven Unsustainability? An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Governing the Environmental Impacts of a Data-Driven Society Report Lucivero et al. 2020
Environmental Sustainability of Digitalization in Manufacturing: A Review Journal Article Chen et al. 2020
On-demand automotive fleet electrification can catalyze global transportation decarbonization and smart urban mobility Journal Article Bauer et al. 2020
Sustainable development opportunities in small island nations: A case study of the Cook Islands Journal Article Tyedmers et al. 2020
Towards the Systematic Reporting of the Energy and Carbon Footprints of Machine Learning Document Henderson et al. 2020
Water-energy-food security: A Nexus perspective of the current situation in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Mahlknecht et al. 2020
Who co-opted our energy efficiency gains? A sociology of macro-level rebound effects and US car makers Journal Article R. Galvin 2020
Attributing long-term sea-level rise to Paris Agreement emission pledges Journal Article Nauels et al. 2019
Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against Journal Article Lenton et al. 2019
Could Bitcoin emissions push global warming above 2 °C? Journal Article Dittmar and Praktiknjo 2019
Defiance from Down River: Deflection and Dispute in the Urban-Industrial Metabolism of Pollution in Guadalajara Journal Article McCulligh and Vega Fregoso 2019
Effects of on-demand ridesourcing on vehicle ownership, fuel consumption, vehicle miles traveled, and emissions per capita in U.S. States Journal Article Ward et al. 2019
Exploring the Relationships Among Travel Multimodality, Driving Behavior, Use of Ridehailing and Energy Consumption Report Circella et al. 2019
Implausible projections overestimate near-term Bitcoin CO 2 emissions Journal Article Masanet et al. 2019
Legal Responses to Climate Change Induced Loss and Damage Book Section Simlinger et al. 2019
Observed and Projected Impacts from Extreme Weather Events: Implications for Loss and Damage Book Section Bouwer et al. 2019
Rational mining limits Bitcoin emissions Journal Article Nicolas Houy 2019
Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Document Rolnick et al. 2019
The Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin Journal Article Stoll et al. 2019
The carbon footprint of manufacturing digitalization: Critical literature review and future research agenda Journal Article Patsavellas and Salonitis 2019
The roles of users in electric, shared and automated mobility transitions Journal Article Axsen and Sovacool 2019
A review on energy, environmental, and sustainability implications of connected and automated vehicles Journal Article Taiebat et al. 2018
Assessing ICT global emissions footprint: Trends to 2040 & recommendations Journal Article Belkhir and Elmeligi 2018
Assessment of the potential implications of a 1.5 °C versus higher global temperature rise for the Afobaka hydropower scheme in Suriname Journal Article Donk et al. 2018
Beyond 1.5 °C: vulnerabilities and adaptation strategies for Caribbean Small Island Developing States Journal Article Michelle A. Mycoo 2018
Decarbonizing Bitcoin: Law and policy choices for reducing the energy consumption of Blockchain technologies and digital currencies Journal Article Jon Truby 2018
Greening cloud data centers in an economical way by energy trading with power grid Journal Article Gu et al. 2018
Understanding the mechanism of urban material metabolism with ecological network analysis: An experimental study of Wuxi, China Journal Article Li et al. 2018
Where do islands put their waste? – A material flow and carbon footprint analysis of municipal waste management in the Maltese Islands Journal Article Camilleri-Fenech et al. 2018
Keeping Vehicle Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Check in a Driverless Vehicle World Report Circella et al. 2017
Mobility and environmental impacts of car sharing in the Netherlands Journal Article Nijland and van Meerkerk 2017
Scientific literature analysis on big data and internet of things applications on circular economy: a bibliometric study Journal Article Nobre and Tavares 2017
Towards a Dynamic Approach to Urban Metabolism: Tracing the Temporal Evolution of Brussels' Urban Metabolism from 1970 to 2010 Journal Article Athanassiadis et al. 2016
A comparative analysis of carbon emissions from online retailing of fast moving consumer goods Journal Article van Loon et al. 2015
AmI and the IoT and Environmental and Societal Sustainability: Risks, Challenges, and Underpinnings Book Section Bibri and Bibri 2015
Intensive measurements of PM above the city of Naples (Southern Italy) Report et al. 2015
Mercury emissions by Beijing׳s fossil energy consumption: Based on environmentally extended input-output analysis Journal Article Li et al. 2015
Profitable climate change mitigation: The case of greenhouse gas emission reduction benefits enabled by solar photovoltaic systems Journal Article Breyer et al. 2015
The ICT/electronics question: Structural change and the rebound effect Journal Article Ray Galvin 2015
Urban metabolism: Measuring the city's contribution to sustainable development Journal Article Conke and Ferreira 2015
A system dynamics modeling for urban air pollution: A case study of Tehran, Iran Journal Article Vafa-Arani et al. 2014
Analysis of Egyptian Cities towards Sustainable Urban Metabolism Conference Paper Nourhan Magdy 2014
Decoupling Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation: Reviewing Progress to Date in the Small Island State of Malta Journal Article Conrad and Cassar 2014
Decoupling Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation: Reviewing Progress to Date in the Small Island State of Malta Journal Article Conrad and Cassar 2014
Resource Use in Small Island States Journal Article Krausmann et al. 2014
Urban material flow analysis: An approach for Bogotá, Colombia Journal Article Alfonso Piña and Pardo Martínez 2014
Contextualizing the Urban Metabolism of Brussels: Correlation of resource use with local factors Conference Paper Philippe Bouillard Aristide Athanassiadis 2013
Assessment of Environmental Impacts of an Aging and Stagnating Water Supply Pipeline Network Journal Article Venkatesh and Brattebø 2012
Future climate of the Caribbean from a regional climate model Journal Article Campbell et al. 2011
Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts of Carsharing in North America Journal Article Martin and Shaheen 2011
International migration and climate change: a post-Copenhagen perspective on options for Kiribati and Tuvalu Book Section Bedford and Bedford 2010
Methodology for inventorying greenhouse gas emissions from global cities Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2010
Sustainable island businesses: a case study of Norfolk Island Journal Article Manfred Lenzen 2008
The Changing Metabolism of Cities Journal Article Christopher Kennedy and Engel-Yan 2007
Estimating the urban metabolism of Canadian cities: Greater Toronto Area case study Journal Article Sahely et al. 2003
The Metabolism of the Industrial City: The Case of Pittsburgh Journal Article Joel A. Tarr 2002
Social Metabolism and Labour in a Local Context: Changing Environmental Relations on Trinket Island Journal Article Singh et al. 2001
Western European Materials as Sources and Sinks of CO2 Journal Article Dolf J. Gielen 1998
L'écosystème URBS: L'écosystème urbain bruxellois Book Section Duvigneaud and Denayer-De Smet 1977