Electricity consumption data of a student residence in Southern Africa

The time-series dataset presented in this article was captured using a real-time energy monitoring device from a distribution panel of a student residence in Johannesburg, South Africa. The data was captured from April 2016 to January 2018. The data from the three conductors supplying the student residence with electricity was automatically aggregated and presented as a single data point. The granularity was at resolution levels of watt-minute and kilowatt-hour. A total of 13,966 hrs of data points was captured. The data has not been processed further. Hence, data consists of 1,209-hour of missing data points. In addition to the energy consumption data, 16 months of hourly data for wind speed, temperature and humidity of the closest weather station has been provided. The data will be useful in the formulation of mathematical models of electricity consumption that is most suitable for a student residence. Furthermore, the data provided in this article will encourage the development of a data-driven electricity consumption management strategy and policy formulation for student residences.

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