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Created on Thursday 25 February 2021, 10:27

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For some reason, I was unable to tag the other 2 ref spaces of the paper: Gothenburg, Malmö, although they both exist in the back-end. Paul, any idea why that is?

The system doesn't show ALL reference spaces (because there are hundreds of thousands of them at the moment...). It lists those that are activated spaces. Are those two spaces activated?

Yeah, I figured that might be the case, but thought that at least cities are shown, but ofc the system doesn't know which ref space is a city or not.
These two aren't activated.
I had been hesitant about activating cities, if there is no one "actively working on them", adding data on the Data Hub. But perhaps that actually doesn't matter that much? What should be a rule for activating a city?

I'm not sure yet what's best. If we add many without documents, it is not very appealing to look at the list of cities. I think in the medium term I should set up a system where you can add reference spaces that are not active. But it requires some restructuring to make searching for them sensible and fast enough.