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Created on Tuesday 9 June 2020, 14:15

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    Metabolism of Cities Library
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    In Progress
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    General review work
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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    Carolin Bellstedt

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We need to deactivate the tags that are not valid - and remove duplicates.

Discussion and updates

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Task was assigned to Carolin Bellstedt

Hi Paul,
Can you specify what is meant here?
Here my thoughts: I assume this needs to be done here:
There are 748 tags.
1. I'd start by focusing on the parent tag "old tags" and look through those.
2. I know that you say that they should be deactivated, but I like to "clean things up" and would prefer to delete them if they don't have any reference or record tag-relationship to anything else. Is that ok with you?
3. Do we still need all the countries and cities? I guess not, because we have reference spaces for those now, right? So probably I'd also need to do some re-tagging.

Hi Carolin,

Yeah this was quite a limited description ;-) Basically my idea is that we need to just sort this out, get this back into shape --- so in line with your thinking indeed. With regards to your points:

  • In principle OLD TAGS will all be completely removed is my idea. It's a remnant from the previous structure. But looking through them is good.

  • Indeed, countries and cities are not needed anymore. I have already done remapping I believe, so no worries about that one.

  • Agreed that we should properly purge those we don't use, instead of deactivating them. What I'd love is that after a thorough review we are confident enough to just delete all of those we consider unnecessary. You are welcome to either delete directly, or mark is_deleted/hidden and I will then delete all of those programatically.

  • Lastly I am not sure what to do with material groups. In general I would really prefer to use our material catalog for this. However, stuff like FEW or NUTRIENTS isn't there. So I don't really know what to do there. Suggestions welcome.

Status change: Open → In Progress

Alright, thanks for the input! I'm on it.
Will try to see what to do about material groups. We may have to leave it for now, because there is no user-friendly tagging in the new site yet and you said to not make any changes on the old site.
If it is fast and easy to do, could you please add a column here ( that indicates the number of publications that have that tag? I know it is the old site, but I'm only using it to check it and it helps me with my work flow. Thanks!

I can not very easily add it to that page, but I could make a similar page with the list of tags, and then add the number there, and have the EDIT button in that table that then directs you to the admin section. Would that work??

Sure. I don't really need the tagging tree, but the table should have:
tag, parent, status, number of publications, options (view publications). If the last column leads me to the new.moc admin page then that is gold, but no sweating over it. I'm jumping between 6 tabs atm and got used to it ;) if there is anything else that you have to do, don't worry about this.

Haha OK copy that -- I'll get you that page so you can add one more tab to your center of operations... ;-)

First page is set up... see here.

Note that the # of pub = # of times the tag is used... could be in publication, could be elsewhere. If you want to know EXACTLY where it is used, use the DELETE button in the /admin section and it will show you the links. But in general I think this should give you a good idea. Let me know if this works or if anything needs tweaking.

Hi Carolin, just so you know... the tag overview page in /admin is now also improved. You can sort of "browse" it by clicking VIEW (right-hand column), so that you can "hop" through it in the hierarchical format that it has.

Hi Paul,
I've seen your changes now. While it is supposed to facilitate browsing, the search function kinda doesn't work anymore (though ofc I can use the public site for that). And I can't add and properly assign new tags to their level. E.g. I just wanted to assign "All C40 cities" to the regional placeholders tags, but only the top level parent tags show up in the list.