Multi-Region Input-Output (MRIO) Analysis

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For multi-regional input-output (MRIO) tables, it can be debated, much like for PIOT or EE-IOA, whether these are their own type of method or analysis or simply tables that are used for another method. In this report, they are listed as their own method although the analysis of the literature case studies of this report shows that MRIO tables were usually used to carry out another analysis like a carbon or water footprint.

MRIO tables, not to be confused with MIOT (monetary input-output tables), “group local or national IO-tables into one balanced model often including a model for representing the rest of the world economy” (Athanassiadis et al. 2018, 5), instead of focusing on a single region. There is no definition if a MRIO table can only include monetary or material flows or both. Several large databases exist that publish MRIO tables such as the Asian International Input–Output Table, Eora, EXIOPOL, GTAP 7 and World Input-Output Database (Wiedmann et al. 2011). These vary with regards to the amount of sectors, base year and environmental extensions that they include and number of countries and world regions, without a focus on the urban scale.


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