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Climate change loss and damage governance. Where are we now? A case study from Fiji’s sugar industry Journal Article Nand et al. 2023
Proposed solutions for marine debris in the Windward Islands- perspectives from key policy makers and policy influencers Journal Article Roxanne E. D. Graham 2023
Flood Risk-Related Research Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Pinos and Quesada-Román 2022
Regional Trends in Social-Ecological-Technological (SET) Approaches to Sustainable Urban Planning: Focus on Asia Book Section Thammadi et al. 2022
Returning to normal? ‘Building back better’ in the Dominican education system after Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria Journal Article Martin Parham 2022
The timing of storm awareness in the Caribbean: the utility of climate information for improved disaster preparedness Journal Article Dookie and Spence-Hemmings 2022
Capacity building in participatory approaches for hydro-climatic Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean Journal Article Roopnarine et al. 2021
Climate and Development Research in Small Island Developing States: The Benefits of a Political Ecology Approach Book Section Brown et al. 2021
Institutional and Policy Analysis: Water Security and Disaster Management in Small Island Developing States Book Section Wale et al. 2021
Leverages and obstacles facing post-cyclone recovery in Saint-Martin, Caribbean: Between the ‘window of opportunity’ and the ‘systemic risk’? Journal Article Moatty et al. 2021
A Best Practice in the Making? How Dominica is Building the World’s First Climate Resilient Nation Webpage Bardouille and Scaife 2020
Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters International Disaster Database Webpage CRED 2020
Natural Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean Report United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 2020
Precipitation responses to ENSO and IOD in the Maldives: Implications of large-scale modes of climate variability in weather-related preparedness Journal Article Foley and Kelman 2020
The weight of islands: Leveraging Grenada's material stocks to adapt to climate change Journal Article Symmes et al. 2020
Disaster-Risk, Water Security Challenges and Strategies in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Journal Article Gheuens et al. 2019
Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Adaptation Book Section Wouter Botzen et al. 2019
Managing disaster risk and water security. Strategies for Small Island Developing States. Report Nagabhatla et al. 2019
Managing disaster risk and water security: Strategies for Small Island Developing States. Document Nagabhatla et al. 2019
Observed and Projected Impacts from Extreme Weather Events: Implications for Loss and Damage Book Section Bouwer et al. 2019
Risks, Health Consequences, and Response Challenges for Small-Island-Based Populations: Observations From the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Journal Article Shultz et al. 2019
Bracing for the Storm: For the Caribbean, building resilience is a matter of survival Journal Article and Srinivasan 2018
Coastal hazard risk assessment for small islands: assessing the impact of climate change and disaster reduction measures on Ebeye (Marshall Islands) Journal Article Giardino et al. 2018
Heading for the hills: climate-driven community relocations in the Solomon Islands and Alaska provide insight for a 1.5 °C future Journal Article Albert et al. 2018
Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria Journal Article Kishore et al. 2018
Practical tools for quantitative analysis of coastal vulnerability and sea level rise impacts—application in a Caribbean island and assessment of the 1.5 °C threshold Journal Article Biondi and Guannel 2018
Recipe for Resilience? Tracing the Biopolitics of Sint Maarten’s Recovery Efforts After Irma Journal Article Kevon Rhiney 2018
An integrative approach to understand vulnerability and resilience post-disaster: The 2015 cyclone Pam in urban Vanuatu as case study Journal Article Rey et al. 2017
Vulnerability of Small Island Developing States to Natural Disasters: How Much Difference Can Effective Governments Make? Journal Article Sjöstedt and Povitkina 2017
Extreme Events, Critical Infrastructures, Human Vulnerability and Strategic Planning: Emerging Research Issues Journal Article Birkmann et al. 2016
Gone with the Wind : Estimating Hurricane and Climate Change Costs in the Caribbean Report Sebastian Acevedo 2016
Small States' Resilience to Natural Disasters and Climate Change - Role for the IMF Report IMF 2016
Barriers to reducing climate enhanced disaster risks in Least Developed Country-Small Islands through anticipatory adaptation Journal Article Kuruppu and Willie 2015
Global Environment Outlook Small Island Developing States Outlook Book Al-Jenaid et al. 2014
Partnerships Briefs for Small Island Developing States Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management Division for Sustainable Development UNDESA 2014 UN Conference on Small Island Developing States Report 2014
Small islands Journal Article Nurse et al. 2014
An Overview of Urban Vulnerability to Natural Disasters and Climate Change in Central America & the Caribbean Region Journal Article Ebru Gencer 2013
The Caribbean and climate change: The costs of inaction Webpage et al. 2008
Macroeconomic Implications of Natural Disasters in the Caribbean Report Tobias Rasmussen 2004
Small island developing states: natural disaster vulnerability and global change Journal Article Pelling and Uitto 2001
Small island developing states and their economic vulnerabilities Journal Article Lino Briguglio 1995