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Title Type Author(s) Year
A glance of 20-year governance of the circular economy for Japan Video Recording Dr. Qian Zhang 2019
An introduction to Urban Metabolism Video Recording (Co-founder and Programming Task Force Leader 2019
Big Data and Urban Metabolism - Cases in China Video Recording Dr. Dong Li 2019
Cape Town’s Pathway to Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions Video Recording Stephen Davis 2019
Circular Riverpark Oudenaarde Video Recording Ward Verbakel 2019
Circular Territorial Development in Flanders Video Recording Elmar Willems - OVAM/Vlaanderen Circulair 2019
Community-based recycling program in Beijing Video Recording Dr. Xin Tong 2019
Data and Complexities of Resource Flow Analysis in the Gauteng City-Region Video Recording Christina Culwick 2019
Ensuring an integrative & sustainable municipal solid waste management – the case of Belo Horizonte Video Recording Fuss and Technology 2019
Estimating spatiotemporal dynamics of solid wastes by coupling MFA & GIS Video Recording A. Prof Yupeng Liu 2019
Exploring Different Metabolisms Across One City Video Recording Paul Currie 2019
Implementing Alternative and Appropriate Infrastructure Options Video Recording Jack Radmore 2019
Insights from The CE Policy Research Center as a science-policy interface Video Recording VanAcker and KULeuven 2019
Introduction on Zero-waste City Pilot Program in China Video Recording Guijuan Shan 2019
Metabolic thinking in the built environment and cities Video Recording Schouten and Metabolic 2019
MultipliCity: an Urban Metabolism City Dashboard Video Recording Paul Hoekman 2019
Multiplicity - an online stocks and flows data gathering and visualisation platform Video Recording Paul Hoekman 2019
Overview of the seminar "Urban Metabolism in Policy and Practice" Video Recording Metabolism of Cities 2019
Policy Interventions to Advance Sustainable Materials Management Video Recording Dr. Ning Ai 2019
Quo vadis Urban Metabolism? Video Recording Athanassiadis and Cities 2019
Rethinking Urban Metabolism: Back to the Perspective of Biology/Ecology Video Recording Dr. Lixiao Zhang 2019
Streamlining circular city scans through an online tool Video Recording Novak and Economy 2019
The 2019 Urban Metabolism in Policy and Practice Seminar Series Video Recording Athanassiadis and Cities 2019
Tinkering with Urban Metabolism in urban design and planning Video Recording Casabella and 1010au 2019
Unlocking the informal economy in an inclusive circular economy approach Video Recording Garrigan and UN 2019
What can we learn from different contexts? Video Recording Confiado and Environment 2019