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Untitled Image Image JoaquinAranoa 2019
Untitled Image Image Smiley.toerist 2019
Untitled Image Image Martina Green 2019
Untitled Image Image ei6 2019
Untitled Image Image Wikipedia 2019
Untitled Image Image Marc Baert 2019
Untitled Image Image Google Map 2019
Untitled Image Image Rama 2019
Untitled Image Image PilotBrent / Brent Connelly 2019
Untitled Image Image PublicDomainPictures 2019
"Aftermath of the Hamburg fish market." Image Bill Liao 2019
Afrisam cement Image Paul Hoekman 2019
Air photo of the sand motor Image Pmblom 2019
Albert Heijn outlet (supermarket chain). Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Beijing Skyline Image zd-hing 2019
Bicycle parking rack is demarcated with white lines on the pavement. Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Bicycle path along Malta Road Image Paul Hoekman 2019
Bikes are plentiful in the city. Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Brussels North Incinerator Image Horst J. Meuter 2019
Brussels' old town wall collapses after construction begins nearby Image The Independent 2019
Brussels' port Image Antonio Ponte 2019
Bruxelles, Station d'épuration de Bruxelles-Nord. Brussels, Wastewater treatment station, Brussels-Nord Image Michel Wal 2019
Buitenverwacht vineyard in Constantia, an area in Cape Town where a number of vineyards exist. Image Werner Bayer 2019
Carte des zones imperméables et eaux de surfaces de Bruxelles - Capitale Image Bruxelles-Environnement 2019
Coastal pedestrian. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Collection of recyclables Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Construction waste transport fleet Image Yupeng Liu 2019
Construction work at the central train station Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Construction work in the center of the city. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Construction work of a building. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Cycle path Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Dahongmen domestic waste transport station Image Yupeng Liu 2019
Downtown Comodoro Rivadavia Image Fenton85 2019
Downtown Waterloo seen from Kitchener, Ontario. Image ʄɭoʏɗiaɲ τ¢ 2019
Electric cars are being charged Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Energy Image stevepb 2019
Evere: Bruxelles Energy, Canal, Water Management. Image Horst J. Meuter 2019
Ferme Abattoir, BIGH Image BIGH Ferme Abattoir 2019
Ferris wheel at Brussels Christmas Market Image Ivan Yohan 2019
Foof Market in Châtelain Square. Situated in Ixelles, the market here is more “swanky” with offerings from local producers selling anything from fresh meat, fish and vegetables to cheese, bread, olives, sweets and flowers – but the real fun begins when th Image Tylutka Monika 2019
Fresh water tanks for supply in harbour of Hamburg Image Urs Siedentop & Co 2019
Intersection with traffic signs. Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Lighthouse Image Gonce 2019
Lime quarry on Robben Island Image Nurunnaby Chowdhury (Hasive) 2019
Maas River, at Namur. According to Vivaqua, 30% of the water supply is collected from surface water and the Maas River plays an important role as source. But it has to go to several filtration and treatment before being chanelled into supply and distribut Image Bruna Farine Milani 2019
Map of the Port of Comodoro Rivadavia. Image Openstrettmap 2019
Marais de Ganshoren Image Bruxelles - Environnement 2019
Mushrooms at Abattoir, Anderlecht (Brussels) Image Ciska Gielis 2019
Oil tanks. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Organic waste transport fleet Image Yupeng Liu 2019
Oudekraal sewage pump station. The wastewater treatment plant is located a bit uphill so this pump station takes the sewage to the treatment plant. Image Paul Hoekman 2019
Overfilled red bin in a street with the writings on it "Bleib sauber, mein Hamburg" which means : Stay clean, my Hamburg Image Claus 2019
Panoramic of oil tanks, dock and port. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Panoramic of the Port. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Panoramic of the oil tanks and the dock. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Parked scooters. Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Part of the port of Brussels Image unknown for the Port of Brussels Authority 2019
Picture of Le Port de Bruxelles Image / 2019
Picture op the power Station in Drogenbos, Brussels Image Karmakolle 2019
Pit in kaolin on the farm Noordhoek 1387, 6 km northeast of Fish Hoek taken in 1997. Pit face is 15 m high and kaolin was exploited for ceramics and filler in paper, paint and polymer industries. Mining was terminated in 2008. Image Cole et al. 2019
Port of Comodoro Rivadavia. View from the coast. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Public transport in Beijing Image China daily 2019
Public waste bin Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Public waste bin - with Christmas trees deposited next to it. Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
R-NET metro to Scheveningen Noord Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Recycling Depotcontainer - Hamburg, Germany Image saopaulo1 2019
Resource fields for building sand, limestone and phosphate in the Greater Cape Town area. Image D.I. Cole 2019
Resource fields for stone aggregate – granite, stone aggregate – Malmesbury slate, stone aggregate – Table Mountain sandstone, brick clay, plastic clay, silica sand, gravel (ferricrete) and kaolin in the Greater Cape Town area. Image D.I. Cole 2019
Sign indicating the available number of parking spots in different parking garages. Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Snowflake flour mill Image Paul Hoekman 2019
Snowflake flour mill Image Paul Hoekman 2019
Some areas are closed off for vehicles. Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Storage of Corobrik bricks. Clay is mined in Capetonian mines. Image Corobrik 2019
The central station of Brussels. Image Walkerssk 2019
The flow paths map shows how precipitation in the urban area comes to runoff. This helps to analyze the cause of flooding and to devise measures to prevent this flooding. Flow paths start small, expand into larger flow paths and stop at the moment when th Image Lizard 2019
The metro is partially underground, and partially above ground in The Hague Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
There are a number of canals in The Hague Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
There are a number of tall buildings, especially near the city centre. Some are offices, others are residential building. Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
Transport de marchandises Image Pxhere 2019
Typical Household Usage of Natural Gas Image DELANEY Cian 2019
Underground parking garage Image Gerrit Hoekman 2019
View of the canal in Brussels looking north from the Sainctelette Bridge Image Sophie Fluyt 2019
Vivaqua Headquarter Image Karmakolle 2019
Waste collection at the train station Hamburg-Harburg Image GeorgHH 2019
Waste collection. Image Ramiro Schiavo 2019
Waste incinerator, Bruxelles-Energie Image Horst J. Meuter 2019
You are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit the work, to remix, to adapt the work under the following conditions: attribution (you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made; you may do so in Image Horst J. Meuter 2019
A newly constructed water pump station at Clovelly Image City of Cape Town 2018
Areas where it is allowed to fish in The Hague. Image Vis Planner 2018
Cape Town City Bowl: the central business district (CBD) surrounded by residential areas and the ocean. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Cape Town International Airport Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Cape Town's stadium and Sea Point area, with Table Mountain and Lion's Head in the background. Image David Nunn 2018
Dunea provides free, public taps where people can get water during the summer months. These taps are set up to limit the amount of bottled water being used. Image Dunea 2018
Golden Arrow Bus Services is Cape Town's largest bus service. The buses reach a large part of Cape Town and are used by 220,000 people per day (2016). Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Green Litter Bins are placed in public spaces in some parts of Cape Town. They are emptied by the Solid Waste Department at the City of Cape Town. They aim to reduce the amount of litter and illegal dumping, and to create awareness around these topics. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Littering and illegal dumping are common occurrences in Cape Town. The City spends a lot of money on the collection of illegally dumped waste, but the problem persists. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Marcelis Recycling collects in and around The Hague Image Marcelis Recycling 2018
MyCiti bus station at Cape Town International Airport. The MyCiti bus is the only public transport that connects the airport with other parts of the city. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Pacific region - Solid Waste Management and Recycling Document Pacific Country Profiles & Territory 2018
Passenger train (Metro Rail) in Cape Town. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Passenger train (Metro Rail) in Cape Town. This train runs on the Southern Line, part of which runs right next to the coast. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Solid waste is collected in Cape Town by a large number of companies. Municipal solid waste is collected in wheelie bins, with separation of different waste streams happening in certain parts of the city. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Stadsboerderij Schildershoeve (urban farm) Image Gemeente Den Haag 2018
Texaco petrol station Image Paul Hoekman 2018
The M5 expressway. This road runs north to south, connecting Milnerton to Muizenberg. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
The N2 Freeway, one of the major highways coming into the city. The road connects the city centre with the southeastern parts of the city. This national highway continues down the coast and runs to the other side of the country, totalling some 2,255 km in Image Paul Hoekman 2018
The decommissioned Athlone Power Station. Operating until 2003, the coal-fired power station is located right next to the N2 freeway. The cooling towers have been demolished, but otherwise the building remains in place. Image Frances Taylor 2018
The main port of Cape Town Image Paul Hoekman 2018
The main port of Cape Town. The port is located right next to the central business district (CBD). Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Train rails in Cape Town. This part of the Southern Line runs right next to the coast. Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Urban farming in Delft, a suburb in Cape Town Image Paul Hoekman 2018
Waste collection company Avalex is collecting household waste. Image Gemeente Den Haag 2018
Horse on the beach Image Felipe Andrade 2009