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Title Type Author(s) Year
Are there limits to growth of tourism on the Caribbean islands? Case-study Aruba Journal Article Jurgens et al. 2024
Closing the material loops for construction and demolition waste: The circular economy on the island Bornholm, Denmark Journal Article Christensen et al. 2022
Water Context in Latin America and the Caribbean: Distribution, Regulations and Prospects for Water Reuse and Reclamation Journal Article Rodríguez et al. 2022
Risks to future atoll habitability from climate-driven environmental changes Journal Article Duvat et al. 2021
Past, Present, and Future Vulnerability to Dengue in Jamaica: A Spatial Analysis of Monthly Variations Journal Article Henry and Mendonça 2020
Sinking Islands, Drowned Logic; Climate Change and Community-Based Adaptation Discourses in Solomon Islands Journal Article van der Ploeg et al. 2020
The Future of Food: Environmental Lessons from E-Commerce Journal Article Gee et al. 2020
Reaching a socio-ecological tipping point: Overgrazing on the Greek island of Samothraki and the role of European agricultural policies Journal Article Fetzel et al. 2018
The Sustainability of Humanitarian Aid: The Nicobar Islands as a Case of ‘Complex Disaster' Book Section Singh et al. 2018
The implications of rural perceptions of water scarcity on differential adaptation behaviour in Rajasthan, India Journal Article Singh et al. 2018
The role of science in sustainability transitions: citizen science, transformative research, and experiences from Samothraki island, Greece Journal Article Petridis et al. 2017
Complex Disasters on the Nicobar Islands Book Section Singh et al. 2016
Globalization, Agriculture and Food in the Caribbean: Climate Change, Gender and Geography Book Beckford and Rhiney 2016
Profitable climate change mitigation: The case of greenhouse gas emission reduction benefits enabled by solar photovoltaic systems Journal Article Breyer et al. 2015
The ferrous find: Counting iron and steel stocks in China's economy Journal Article Wang et al. 2015
Access to electricity in Small Island Developing States of the Pacific: Issues and challenges Journal Article Matthew Dornan 2014
Beyond Boserup: The Role of Working Time in Agricultural Development Book Section Ringhofer et al. 2014
Carbon footprints of cities and other human settlements in the UK Journal Article Minx et al. 2013
Freshwater Resources in the Insular Caribbean: An Environmental Perspective Journal Article Tamara Heartsill Scalley 2012
Sociometabolic transitions in subsistence communities: Boserup revisited in four comparative case studies Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski et al. 2011
Local Studies Manual: A researcher's guide for investigating the social metabolism of rural systems Report Singh et al. 2010
Material flow accounting of an Indian village Manuscript Kestemont and Kerkhove 2010
Material flow accounting of an Indian village Journal Article Kestemont and Kerkhove 2010
Global mapping of Al, Cu, Fe, and Zn in-use stocks and in-ground resources Journal Article J.N. Rauch 2009
Social Equity Considerations in the Implementation of Caribbean Climate Change Adaptation Policies Journal Article Dulal et al. 2009
Safe Water for People in Low, Small Island Pacific Nations: The rural–urban dilemma Journal Article White et al. 2008
Copper In-Use Stock and Copper Scrap in the State of Connecticut, USA Report Rauch et al. 2007
Copper and zinc recycling in Australia: potential quantities and policy options Journal Article Beers et al. 2007
Material Flows in a Social Context: A Vietnamese Case Study Combining the Materials Flow Analysis and Action-in-Context Frameworks Journal Article Hobbes and Phan 2007
Spatial characterisation of multi-level in-use copper and zinc stocks in Australia Journal Article Beers and Graedel 2007
The Application of Material Flow Analysis for the Evaluation of the Recovery Potential of Secondary Metals in Australia Conference Paper Beers et al. 2005
Water, women and community in Trinidad, West Indies Journal Article Schneiderman and Reddock 2004
Environmental Relations and Biophysical Transitions: The Case of Trinket Island Journal Article Singh and Grünbühel 2003
Inequities in access to and use of drinking water services in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Soares et al. 2002
Social Metabolism and Labour in a Local Context: Changing Environmental Relations on Trinket Island Journal Article Singh et al. 2001
Heavy-Metal Balances, Part II: Management of Cadmium, Copper, Lead, and Zinc in European Agro-Ecosystems Journal Article Simon W. Moolenaar 1999