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Title Type Author(s) Year
A snapshot of solid waste generation in the hospitality industry. The case of a five-star hotel on the island of Malta Journal Article Camilleri-Fenech et al. 2020
Biophysical characterization and quantification of waste from the meat sector of the city of Quito: case study of the Quito Metropolitan Trace Company EMRAQ-EP Thesis Auz Rosero and Chérrez Gavilanes 2020
The Future of Food: Environmental Lessons from E-Commerce Journal Article Gee et al. 2020
An integrated approach to waste management in Metro Vancouver: challenges and opportunities Conference Paper Micsoniu et al. 2019
Deliverable 3.3 Process model for the two pilot cases: Amsterdam, the Netherlands & Naples, Italy Report Bob Geldermans (TUD) and 2019
Urban Metabolism of Recycling and Reusing Food Waste: A Case Study in Taipei City Journal Article Tseng and Chiueh 2015
Pathways and Management of Phosphorus in Urban Areas Journal Article Yuliya Kalmykova 2012
Metro Vancouver Zeros In On Food Scraps Collection Magazine Article Rhodes Yepsen 2011
Yard Trimmings, Food Waste Composting In Vancouver Region Magazine Article Molly Farrell Tucker 2010
Nitrogen balance for the urban food metabolism of Toronto, Canada Journal Article Jennifer Forkes 2007