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Title Type Author(s) Year
Organic waste valorization in remote islands: Analysis of economic and environmental benefits of onsite treatment options Journal Article Castellani et al. 2022
Energy recovery from municipal solid waste in Mauritius: Opportunities and challenges Journal Article Neehaul et al. 2020
Estimation of greenhouse gas reduction in waste recycling sector in Cheongju-si, Korea using US EPA WARM model Conference Paper Lee et al. 2019
Development of a municipal solid waste management decision support tool for Naples, Italy Journal Article Chifari et al. 2017
Environmental benefits of internet-enabled C2C closed-loop supply chains: A quasi-experimental study of Craigslist Journal Article Suvrat Dhanorkar 2017
Municipal solid waste collection optimization in Singapore Journal Article Xue et al. 2015
Urban material flow analysis: An approach for Bogotá, Colombia Journal Article Alfonso Piña and Pardo Martínez 2014
Pathways and Management of Phosphorus in Urban Areas Journal Article Yuliya Kalmykova 2012
Waste Atlas Data portal 2012
Towards an Integrated Regional Materials Flow Accounting Model Journal Article Sinclair et al. 2005