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The State of the Art of Material Flow Analysis Research Based on Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling and Disposal Journal Article Guo and Huang 2019
Towards a more circular construction sector: Estimating and spatialising current and future non-structural material replacement flows to maintain urban building stocks Journal Article Stephan and Athanassiadis 2018
Between theory and quantification: An integrated analysis of metabolic patterns of informal urban settlements Journal Article Kovacic and Giampietro 2017
Comprehensive evaluation on industrial & urban symbiosis by combining MFA, carbon footprint and emergy methods—Case of Kawasaki, Japan Journal Article Ohnishi et al. 2017
Evaluation Approaches for Advancing Urban Water Goals Journal Article Renouf and Kenway 2017
An evaluation of the urban metabolism of Macao from 2003 to 2013 Journal Article Lei et al. 2016
Between theory and quantification: An integrated analysis of metabolic patterns of informal urban settlements Journal Article Kovacic and Giampietro 2016
City Carbon Footprint Networks Journal Article Chen et al. 2016
Contesting Urban Metabolism: Struggles Over Waste-to-Energy in Delhi, India Journal Article Demaria and Schindler 2016
Coupling of carbon and energy flows in cities: A meta-analysis and nexus modelling Journal Article Chen and Chen 2016
Enhanced Performance of the Eurostat Method for Comprehensive Assessment of Urban Metabolism: A Material Flow Analysis of Amsterdam Journal Article Voskamp et al. 2016
GIS‐based Analysis of Vienna's Material Stock in Buildings Journal Article Kleemann et al. 2016
Modeling of material and energy flows in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy using urban metabolism approaches Conference Paper Fernandez and Tereshchenko 2016
The Energy Structure of the Canadian Economy Journal Article Kennedy and Bachmann 2016
The energy metabolism of megacities Journal Article Facchini et al. 2016
Towards a Dynamic Approach to Urban Metabolism: Tracing the Temporal Evolution of Brussels' Urban Metabolism from 1970 to 2010 Journal Article Athanassiadis et al. 2016
Transnational city carbon footprint networks - Exploring carbon links between Australian and Chinese cities Journal Article Chen et al. 2016
Uncovering driving forces on urban metabolism—A case of Shenyang Journal Article Sun et al. 2016
Urban Food Consumption in Metro Manila: Interdisciplinary Approaches Towards Apprehending Practices, Patterns, and Impacts Journal Article Burger Chakraborty et al. 2016
Urban Metabolism Analysis as a Support to Drive Metropolitan Development Journal Article Caputo et al. 2016
Urban carbon transformations: unravelling spatial and inter-sectoral linkages for key city industries based on multi-region input-output analysis Journal Article Chen et al. 2016
Urban metabolism profiles. An empirical analysis of the material flow characteristics of three metropolitan areas in Sweden Journal Article Rosado et al. 2016
Analysis of High-Resolution Utility Data for Understanding Energy Use in Urban Systems: The Case of Los Angeles, California Journal Article Pincetl et al. 2015
Combined MFA and LCA approach to evaluate the metabolism of service polygons: A case study on a university campus Journal Article Lopes Silva et al. 2015
Competition for land: a sociometabolic perspective Journal Article Helmut Haberl 2015
Social metabolism: a metrics for biophysical growth and degrowth Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski and Haberl 2015
Analysis of Egyptian Cities towards Sustainable Urban Metabolism Conference Paper Nourhan Magdy 2014
Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production: Patterns, Trends, and Planetary Boundaries Journal Article Haberl et al. 2014
Metabolism of megacities: A review and synthesis of the literature Report Stewart et al. 2014
Urban Metabolism of Six Asian Cities Report Ferrao et al. 2014
Implementation of Renewable Energies as a Strategy to Modify the Energy Matrix in Argentina. From Point Policies to Systemic Solutions. Journal Article Garrido et al. 2013
Industrial metabolism of PVC in China: A dynamic material flow analysis Journal Article Zhou et al. 2013
Stock dynamics and emission pathways of the global aluminium cycle Journal Article Gang Liu et al. 2013
Carbon Footprinting of Cities and Implications for Analysis of Urban Material and Energy Flows Journal Article Anu Ramaswami and Chertow 2012
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Metabolism Journal Article Castán Broto et al. 2012
Is there a metabolism of an urban ecosystem? An ecological critique Journal Article Golubiewski and Nancy 2012
Metabolism of the Anthroposphere: Analysis, Evaluation, Design Book Baccini and Brunner 2012
Development of a comprehensive city assessment tool: CASBEE-City Journal Article Murakami et al. 2011
Patterns of Iron Use in Societal Evolution Journal Article Müller et al. 2011
Dynamic Material Flow Analysis for Strategic Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Beijing Journal Article Hu et al. 2010
Options for achieving a 50% cut in industrial carbon emissions by 2050 Journal Article Allwood et al. 2010
Japanese 3R Policies Based on Material Flow Analysis Journal Article Takiguchi and Takemoto 2008
Resource Consumption of New Urban Construction in China Journal Article Fernández and E. 2008
Copper and zinc recycling in Australia: potential quantities and policy options Journal Article Beers et al. 2007
Metal capital sustaining a North American city: Iron and copper in New Haven, CT Journal Article Drakonakis et al. 2007
Rationale for and Interpretation of Economy-Wide Materials Flow Analysis and Derived Indicators Journal Article Stefan Bringezu 2003
Predicting future emissions based on characteristics of stocks Journal Article van der Voet et al. 2002
Dynamic substance flow analysis: the delaying mechanism of stocks, with the case of PVC in Sweden Journal Article Kleijn et al. 2000
Abel Wolman's 'the metabolism of cities' revisited: a case for water recycling and reuse Journal Article Hermanowicz and Asano 1999
The Metabolism of Cities Journal Article Wolman and Abel 1965