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EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Journal Article Bourne et al.
Implications of climate change on small island developing states: experience in the Caribbean region Webpage
Integrated water resources management in the Caribbean in the Caribbean: The challenges facing Small Island Developing States Document Cashman et al.
Policy Brief: Pacific Islands Forge Ahead on National Environmental Action, Monitoring, and Reporting for Informed Decision Making Journal Article IISD's SDG Knowledge Hub
(Un)just post-disaster mobilities in small island developing states: Revisiting the patterns and outcomes of three major environmental disasters in the Caribbean Journal Article Griffen and Robinson 2023
Proposed solutions for marine debris in the Windward Islands- perspectives from key policy makers and policy influencers Journal Article Roxanne E. D. Graham 2023
Application of the IoT in the Food Supply Chain─From the Perspective of Carbon Mitigation Journal Article Luo et al. 2022
Balancing water scarcity, food production, and trade imperatives in the Caribbean: Could virtual water analysis help? Journal Article David O. Yawson 2022
Cyclone resistant housing in Fiji: The forgotten features of traditional housing Journal Article Elkharboutly and Wilkinson 2022
Digital bricolage: Infrastructuring lower carbon digital space via Nordic datacentre development Journal Article Upham et al. 2022
Food Security Challenges and Options in the Caribbean: Insights from a Scoping Review Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2022
Parachute science through a regional lens: Marine litter research in the Caribbean Small Island Developing States and the challenge of extra-regional research Journal Article Stöfen-O'Brien et al. 2022
Sustainability of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Caribbean Small Island Developing States Journal Article Winters et al. 2022
The timing of storm awareness in the Caribbean: the utility of climate information for improved disaster preparedness Journal Article Dookie and Spence-Hemmings 2022
Towards a Circular Economy for African Islands: an Analysis of Existing Baselines and Strategies Journal Article Andriamahefazafy and Failler 2022
‘Building back better’ in the context of multi-hazards in the Caribbean Journal Article Jones et al. 2022
A Systemic Assessment of COVID-19 Impacts on Pacific Islands’ Food Systems Journal Article Davila et al. 2021
Acceleration for disasters: Evaluation of the disaster management act in Indonesia Journal Article Ayuni and Arsil 2021
Bright and blind spots of water research in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Alyssa J DeVincentis et al. 2021
Capacity building in participatory approaches for hydro-climatic Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean Journal Article Roopnarine et al. 2021
How big is circular economy potential on Caribbean islands considering e-waste? Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2021
Loss and damage implications of sea-level rise on Small Island Developing States Journal Article Martyr-Koller et al. 2021
Natural Hazards and Complex Disasters Book Section Singh and Callan 2021
Reconstructing tourism in the Caribbean: connecting pandemic recovery, climate resilience and sustainable tourism through mobility justice Journal Article Mimi Sheller 2021
Risks to future atoll habitability from climate-driven environmental changes Journal Article Duvat et al. 2021
The sociometabolic transition of a small Greek island: Assessing stock dynamics, resource flows, and material circularity from 1929 to 2019 Journal Article Noll et al. 2021
Adaptation, Official Development Assistance, and Institution Building: The Case of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre Journal Article Jonathan Rosenberg 2020
CARICOM NewsTime - 10 June 2020 Video Recording CARICOM 2020
Caught in a Deadlock: Small Ruminant Farming on the Greek Island of Samothrace. The Importance of Regional Contexts for Effective EU Agricultural Policies Journal Article Noll et al. 2020
Global to small island; a cross-scale foresight scenario exercise Journal Article Drakes et al. 2020
Past, Present, and Future Vulnerability to Dengue in Jamaica: A Spatial Analysis of Monthly Variations Journal Article Henry and Mendonça 2020
Climate change adaptation planning in practice: insights from the Caribbean Journal Article Thomas et al. 2019
Improving Water Management Education across the Latin America and Caribbean Region Journal Article Lyon et al. 2019
Prospects and Challenges for Civil Society and Climate Change Engagement in the Caribbean: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago Journal Article Montoute et al. 2019
Quadrennial report on regional progress and challenges in relation to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article NU CEPAL 2019
Accountability in climate change governance and Caribbean SIDS Journal Article Michelle Scobie 2018
Assessment of the potential implications of a 1.5 °C versus higher global temperature rise for the Afobaka hydropower scheme in Suriname Journal Article Donk et al. 2018
Characterizing heat stress on livestock using the temperature humidity index (THI)—prospects for a warmer Caribbean Journal Article Lallo et al. 2018
Climate Change Adaptation Limits in Small Island Developing States Book Section Robinson et al. 2018
Climate change and coffee: assessing vulnerability by modeling future climate suitability in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico Journal Article Fain et al. 2018
Freshwater stress on small island developing states: population projections and aridity changes at 1.5 and 2 °C Journal Article Karnauskas et al. 2018
Future Caribbean Climates in a World of Rising Temperatures: The 1.5 vs 2.0 Dilemma Journal Article Taylor et al. 2018
Heading for the hills: climate-driven community relocations in the Solomon Islands and Alaska provide insight for a 1.5 °C future Journal Article Albert et al. 2018
Reducing external costs of nitrogen pollution by relocation of pig production between regions in the European Union Journal Article van Grinsven et al. 2018
Socio-spatial and Globalised Economies Book Section Ratter and Ratter 2018
Crypto-trading: Blockchain-oriented energy market Conference Paper Mannaro et al. 2017
Human dimensions of environmental change in small island developing states: some common themes Journal Article Weir and Pittock 2017
Regional organisations and climate change adaptation in small island developing states Journal Article Robinson and Gilfillan 2017
The future of Caribbean tourism: competition and climate change implications Journal Article Mackay and Spencer 2017
Caribbean Energy : Macro-Related Challenges Report McIntyre et al. 2016
Climate Change and Food Security: Africa and the Caribbean Book Elizabeth Thomas Hope 2016
Climate Change in the Caribbean: A Multi-Scalar Account of Context and Inequality Journal Article Rahul D. Ghosal 2016
Energy metabolism of the Balearic Islands (1986–2012) Journal Article Ginard-Bosch and Ramos-Martín 2016
Gone with the Wind : Estimating Hurricane and Climate Change Costs in the Caribbean Report Sebastian Acevedo 2016
Policy coherence in climate governance in Caribbean Small Island Developing States Journal Article Michelle Scobie 2016
Disaster risk insurance and catastrophe models in risk-prone small Caribbean islands Journal Article Joyette et al. 2015
Geographies of Caribbean Vulnerability in a Changing Climate: Issues and Trends Journal Article Kevon Rhiney 2015
Chapter 29: Small islands. In: Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability. Part B: Regional Aspects. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Book Nurse et al. 2014
Disaster Risk Reduction in the Caribbean: Opportunities and Challenges for Achieving Greater Resilience Journal Article Simon Hollis 2014
A review of observed and projected changes in climate for the islands in the Caribbean Journal Article Karmalkar and Taylor 2013
Biocultural diversity conservation for island and islanders: Necessity, goal and activity Journal Article Sun-Kee Hong 2013
Why dry? Investigating the future evolution of the Caribbean Low Level Jet to explain projected Caribbean drying Journal Article Taylor et al. 2013
Climate Change and the Future of Caribbean Development Journal Article Bishop and Payne 2012
Freshwater Resources in the Insular Caribbean: An Environmental Perspective Journal Article Tamara Heartsill Scalley 2012
Freshwater under Threat – Pacific Islands Report UNEP 2011
Freshwater under Threat – Pacific Islands. Vulnerability assessment of freshwater resources to environmental change. Report UNEP 2011
Future climate of the Caribbean from a regional climate model Journal Article Campbell et al. 2011
The Caribbean Low-Level Jet and Its Relationship with Precipitation in IPCC AR4 Models Journal Article Martin and Schumacher 2011
The implications of global climate change for fisheries management in the Caribbean Journal Article Leonard A. Nurse 2011
Tropical gradient influences on Caribbean rainfall Journal Article Taylor et al. 2011
Water policy development and governance in the Caribbean: an overview of regional progress Journal Article Adrian C. Cashman 2011
Climate Change in the Caribbean: The Water Management Implications Journal Article Cashman et al. 2010
Marine Biodiversity in the Caribbean: Regional Estimates and Distribution Patterns Journal Article Miloslavich et al. 2010
Quantification and Magnitude of Losses and Damages Resulting from the Impacts of Climate Change: Modelling the Transformational Impacts and Costs of Sea Level Rise in the Caribbean Report Simpson et al. 2010
Island Development Book Section Clark et al. 2009
Caribbean precipitation: Review, model and prospect Journal Article Gamble and Curtis 2008
Worldwide electricity used in data centers Journal Article Jonathan G. Koomey 2008
Municipal solid waste composition determination supporting the integrated solid waste management system in the island of Crete Journal Article Gidarakos et al. 2006
Hurricanes and Caribbean Coral Reefs: Impacts, Recovery Patterns, and Role in Long-Term Decline Journal Article Gardner et al. 2005
Weather Forecasts are for Wimps: Why Water Resource Managers Do Not Use Climate Forecasts Journal Article Rayner et al. 2005
Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Small Island Nations of the Pacific Conference Paper White et al. 2004
The Biomass Metabolism of the Food System: A Model-Based Survey of the Global and Regional Turnover of Food Biomass Journal Article Stefan Wirsenius 2003
A comparison of the economic performance of different micro-states, and between micro-states and larger countries Journal Article Armstrong et al. 1998
Western European Materials as Sources and Sinks of CO2 Journal Article Dolf J. Gielen 1998
Climate-related global changes in the southern Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago Journal Article Bhawan Singh 1997
Impacts of climate change and sea-level rise on small island states: National and international responses Journal Article John C. Pernetta 1992