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Advancing urban metabolism studies through GIS data: Resource flows, open space networks, and vulnerable communities in Mexico City Journal Article Daniel Otero Peña. Daniela Perrotti. Eugene Mohareb. 2022
Impact of slow-onset events related to Climate Change on food security in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Abeldaño Zuñiga et al. 2021
Developing an Urban Resource Cadaster for Circular Economy: A Case of Odense, Denmark Journal Article Lanau and Liu 2020
GIS-based Material Stock Analysis (MSA) of Climate Vulnerabilities to the Tourism Industry in Antigua and Barbuda Journal Article Bradshaw et al. 2020
Lost Material Stock in Buildings due to Sea Level Rise from Global Warming: The Case of Fiji Islands Journal Article Merschroth et al. 2020
Past, Present, and Future Vulnerability to Dengue in Jamaica: A Spatial Analysis of Monthly Variations Journal Article Henry and Mendonça 2020
Quantum GIS Based Descriptive and Predictive Data Analysis for Effective Planning of Waste Management Journal Article et al. 2020
The weight of islands: Leveraging Grenada's material stocks to adapt to climate change Journal Article Symmes et al. 2020
Capture and Control of Material Flows and Stocks in Urban Housing - Based on the Case Study of the Housing Industry in Munich-Freiham Thesis Matthias Arnold Heinrich 2019
Dynamic assessment of construction materials in urban building stocks – A critical review Journal Article Göswein et al. 2019
Spatially explicit material stock analysis of buildings in Eastern China metropoles Journal Article Guo et al. 2019
Using spatially explicit commodity flow and truck activity data to map urban material flows Journal Article Lynette Cheah Lih Wei Yeow 2019
A geospatial approach of downscaling urban energy consumption density in mega-city Dhaka, Bangladesh Journal Article Sikder et al. 2018
The Weight of Islands: A GIS based Material Stock Analysis of Grenada in the Context of Extreme Weather and Climate Change Thesis Robert Symmes 2018
Uncovering the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Urban Infrastructure Development: A High Spatial Resolution Material Stock and Flow Analysis Journal Article Han et al. 2018
Coupling Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Methodologies for Screening Flow and Emission of Biomass Energy in the Agricultural System Conference Paper Latifah A. Ghani 2017
Meaningful Circular Metabolism Thesis B. D. Nap 2017
A heat vulnerability index: spatial patterns of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity for Santiago de Chile Journal Article Inostroza et al. 2016
GIS‐based Analysis of Vienna's Material Stock in Buildings Journal Article Kleemann et al. 2016
Spatial flow analysis of water pollution in eco-natural systems Journal Article Zhou et al. 2016
Spatial variation in the ecological relationships among the components of Beijing's carbon metabolic system Journal Article Xia et al. 2016
A political-industrial ecology of water supply infrastructure for Los Angeles Journal Article Cousins and Newell 2015
An integrated material metabolism model for stocks of urban road system in Beijing, China Journal Article Guo et al. 2014
GIS and Urban Mining Journal Article Xuan Zhu 2014
Urban Mining potential in local power grids: Hibernating copper and aluminium in Linköping Thesis Simon Andersson 2013
Vulnerability assessment of ecological conditions in Seribu Islands, Indonesia Journal Article Farhan and Lim 2012
Global mapping of Al, Cu, Fe, and Zn in-use stocks and in-ground resources Journal Article J.N. Rauch 2009
Urban stock over time: spatial material stock analysis using 4d-GIS Journal Article Tanikawa and Hashimoto 2009
In-Use Stocks of Metals: Status and Implications Journal Article Gerst and Graedel 2008
Urban metabolism and resource optimisation in the urban fabric: The BRIDGE methodology Working paper Nektarios Chrysoulakis 2007
Predicting the Impact of Sea-Level Rise on Caribbean Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat Journal Article Fish et al. 2005
Visualization of Regional Material Flow using Over-flow Potential Maps Report Tanikawa et al. 2004
The Magnitude and Spatial Distribution of In-use Copper Stocks in Cape Town, South Africa Journal Article Van Beers and Graedel 2003