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Title Type Author(s) Year
Goal-based development: driving climate actions and sustainable development goals implementation within a holarchic model Book Section John N. Telesford 2023
Assessing the environmental performance of ICT-based services: Does user behaviour make all the difference? Journal Article Pohl et al. 2022
Risk Management and Adaptation for Extremes and Abrupt Changes in Climate and Oceans: Current Knowledge Gaps Journal Article Bouwer et al. 2022
Global Climate Risk Index 2021 Report German Watch 2021
Plastic debris increases circadian temperature extremes in beach sediments Journal Article Lavers et al. 2021
Climate change, ecosystem services and migration in the Marshall Islands: are they related? Journal Article van der Geest et al. 2020
Learning to Chill: The Role of Design Schools and Professional Training to Improve Urban Climate and Urban Metabolism Journal Article Taleghani et al. 2020
An integrated approach to waste management in Metro Vancouver: challenges and opportunities Conference Paper Micsoniu et al. 2019
Utilizing coral waste and metakaolin to produce eco-friendly marine mortar: Hydration, mechanical properties and durability Journal Article Wang et al. 2019
Characterizing heat stress on livestock using the temperature humidity index (THI)—prospects for a warmer Caribbean Journal Article Lallo et al. 2018
Climate change impacts in Latin America and the Caribbean and their implications for development Journal Article Reyer et al. 2017
Meaningful Circular Metabolism Thesis B. D. Nap 2017
Metabolic heat production by human and animal populations in cities Journal Article Stewart and Kennedy 2016
Sustainability analysis of a society based on exergy studies – a case study of the island of Samsø (Denmark) Journal Article Nielsen and Jørgensen 2015
Resource Use in Small Island States Journal Article Krausmann et al. 2014
Applications of artificial neural-networks for energy systems Journal Article Soteris A. Kalogirou 2000