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Title Type Author(s) Year
A richness index for baselining climate change adaptations in small island developing states Journal Article Robinson and Stacy-ann 2020
Between theory and quantification: An integrated analysis of metabolic patterns of informal urban settlements Journal Article Kovacic and Giampietro 2017
The Green Economy and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in New York City Book Section Robert Brears 2017
Global Sustainable City-Regions: Mumbai, Shenzhen, Reykjavik, Portland, Budapest, Glasgow and Rotterdam Book Calzada and Igor 2016
Modeling of material and energy flows in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy using urban metabolism approaches Conference Paper Fernandez and Tereshchenko 2016
Resource consumption drivers and pathways to reduction: economy, policy and lifestyle impact on material flows at the national and urban scale Journal Article Kalmykova et al. 2016
Dynamic material flow analysis for PCBs in the Norwegian building stock Journal Article Bergsdal et al. 2014
Exploring urban mines: Pipe length and material stocks in urban water and wastewater networks Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2014
Incorporating Bio-Physical Sciences into a Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Urban Planning Journal Article Mitraka et al. 2014
Stadtentwicklung im Nexus von Ressourcenschonung und Klimaschutz Book Section Müller and 2014
A Decision-Support System for Sustainable Urban Metabolism in Europe Journal Article González et al. 2013
Carbon emissions of infrastructure development Journal Article Müller et al. 2013
Aluminium Recycling - Raw material supply from a volume and quality constraint system Journal Article Rombach et al. 2012
Moving towards the circular economy - the role of stocks in the Chinese steel cycle Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2012
Reconciling sectoral abatement strategies with global climate targets: The case of the Chinese passenger vehicle fleet Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2012
The role of automobiles for the future of aluminium recycling Journal Article Modaresi and Müller 2012
Unearthing potentials for decarbonizing the U.S. aluminium cycle Journal Article Gang Liu et al. 2011
Managing Materials for a Twenty-first Century Military Report National Research Council 2008
Adapting to Climate Change in Pacific Island Countries: The Problem of Uncertainty Journal Article Barnett and Jon 2001
Materials accounting as a tool for decision making in environmental policy (MAc TEmPo) Report Brunner et al. 1998