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Impact of slow-onset events related to Climate Change on food security in Latin America and the Caribbean | Elsevier Enhanced Reader Webpage
Slaughtering in slaughterhouses - monthly data Dataset Eurostat
The Role of Green Infrastructure in Water, Energy and Food Security in Latin America and the Caribbean: Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges | Publications Webpage
Assessing nitrogen flow and nitrogen footprint in the food system of a subtropical island with a scenario to mitigate nitrogen load impacted by trade-dependent agriculture Journal Article Hamada et al. 2023
Discussing linkages between climate change, human mobility and health in the Caribbean: The case of Dominica. A qualitative study Journal Article Cloos et al. 2023
The resource (in)sufficiency of the Caribbean: analyzing socio-metabolic risks (SMR) of water, energy, and food Journal Article Martin del Campo et al. 2023
An Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Agri-Food System in Caribbean Small Island Developing States Journal Article Daley et al. 2022
Application of the IoT in the Food Supply Chain─From the Perspective of Carbon Mitigation Journal Article Luo et al. 2022
Balancing water scarcity, food production, and trade imperatives in the Caribbean: Could virtual water analysis help? Journal Article David O. Yawson 2022
Can the Caribbean localize its food system?: Evidence from biomass flow accounting Journal Article Rahman et al. 2022
Food Security Challenges and Options in the Caribbean: Insights from a Scoping Review Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2022
Reclaiming traditional, plant-based, climate-resilient food systems in small islands Journal Article Marrero and Mattei 2022
Small Island Developing States in a post-pandemic world: Challenges and opportunities for climate action Journal Article Foley et al. 2022
Sustainability of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Caribbean Small Island Developing States Journal Article Winters et al. 2022
The Role of Coral Reef Small-Scale Fisheries for Addressing Malnutrition and Avoiding Biodiversity Loss Report Andrachuk et al. 2022
What contributes more to life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of farm produce: Production, transportation, packaging, or food loss? Journal Article Qin and Horvath 2022
A Systemic Assessment of COVID-19 Impacts on Pacific Islands’ Food Systems Journal Article Davila et al. 2021
COVID-19 and food systems in Pacific Island Countries, Papua New Guinea, and Timor-Leste: Opportunities for actions towards the sustainable development goals Journal Article Davila et al. 2021
Capacity building in participatory approaches for hydro-climatic Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean Journal Article Roopnarine et al. 2021
Catalysing Science-Based Policy Action on Sustainable Consumption and Production: The Value-Chain Approach and its Application to Food, Construction and Textiles Report Lopez et al. 2021
Global land use of diets in a small island community: a case study of Palau in the Pacific Journal Article Nakamura et al. 2021
Impact of slow-onset events related to Climate Change on food security in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Abeldaño Zuñiga et al. 2021
Pathways to coastal retreat Journal Article Haasnoot et al. 2021
Reconstructing tourism in the Caribbean: connecting pandemic recovery, climate resilience and sustainable tourism through mobility justice Journal Article Mimi Sheller 2021
Risks to future atoll habitability from climate-driven environmental changes Journal Article Duvat et al. 2021
Sustainable management of freshwater resources for food and nutrition security in Small Island Developing States Report Sonneveld et al. 2021
Water-land tradeoffs to meet future demands for sugar crops in Latin America and the Caribbean: A bio-physical and socio-economic nexus perspective Journal Article Zhong et al. 2021
A snapshot of solid waste generation in the hospitality industry. The case of a five-star hotel on the island of Malta Journal Article Camilleri-Fenech et al. 2020
Biophysical characterization and quantification of waste from the meat sector of the city of Quito: case study of the Quito Metropolitan Trace Company EMRAQ-EP Thesis Auz Rosero and Chérrez Gavilanes 2020
Blockchain Technology for Agriculture: Applications and Rationale Journal Article Xiong et al. 2020
Blue Growth and its discontents in the Faroe Islands: an island perspective on Blue (De)Growth, sustainability, and environmental justice Journal Article Ragnheiður Bogadóttir 2020
Climate change and food security in Caribbean small island developing states: challenges and strategies Journal Article Lenderking et al. 2020
Drone Technology in Precision Agriculture: Are There No Environmental Concerns? Journal Article Ade Dawodu 2020
Quantum GIS Based Descriptive and Predictive Data Analysis for Effective Planning of Waste Management Journal Article et al. 2020
Role of IoT Technology in Agriculture: A Systematic Literature Review Journal Article Farooq et al. 2020
The Future of Food: Environmental Lessons from E-Commerce Journal Article Gee et al. 2020
The Social Metabolism of Quiet Sustainability in the Faroe Islands Journal Article Ragnheiður Bogadóttir 2020
Water-energy-food security: A Nexus perspective of the current situation in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Mahlknecht et al. 2020
An Assessment of Climate Change and Health Vulnerability and Adaptation in Dominica Journal Article Schnitter et al. 2019
Diets, Food Miles, and Environmental Sustainability of Urban Food Systems: Analysis of Nine Indian Cities Journal Article Boyer et al. 2019
FAO's work with Small Island Developing States. Transforming food systems, sustaining small islands. Report FAO 2019
The metabolism of U.S. cities 2.0 Journal Article Chini and Stillwell 2019
Assessing the implications of a 1.5 °C temperature limit for the Jamaican agriculture sector Journal Article Rhiney et al. 2018
Characterizing heat stress on livestock using the temperature humidity index (THI)—prospects for a warmer Caribbean Journal Article Lallo et al. 2018
Economic and Social Impacts of Food Self-Reliance in the Caribbean Book Ekaterina Dorodnykh 2018
Measuring the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean Region Journal Article Mahlknecht and González-Bravo 2018
Responding to multiple climate-linked stressors in a remote island context: The example of Yadua Island, Fiji Journal Article Martin et al. 2018
Toward an ontology-driven blockchain design for supply-chain provenance Journal Article Kim and Laskowski 2018
Contributions of Local Farming to Urban Sustainability in the Northeast United States Journal Article Goldstein et al. 2017
IOT agriculture to improve food and farming technology Conference Paper Jaiganesh et al. 2017
Rise of the digital regulator Journal Article Rory Van Loo 2017
The future of Caribbean tourism: competition and climate change implications Journal Article Mackay and Spencer 2017
A Methodology to Assess the Water Energy Food Ecosystems Nexus in Transboundary River Basins Journal Article de Strasser et al. 2016
A multi-year, multi-scale analysis of urban sustainability Journal Article Dor and Kissinger 2016
Climate Change and Food Security: Africa and the Caribbean Book Elizabeth Thomas Hope 2016
Developing Food Value Chains to meet Tourism Demand in the Caribbean: Case Studies of St. Kitts Nevis and St. Lucia. Journal Article Ford and Dorodnykh 2016
Globalization, Agriculture and Food in the Caribbean: Climate Change, Gender and Geography Book Beckford and Rhiney 2016
Socioeconomic metabolism of Biomass in Jamaica in the Context of Trade and National Food Security: A time series biophysical analysis (1961-2013). Thesis Akunne Okoli 2016
State of Food Security and Nutrition in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Report FAO 2016
Surveying the Environmental Footprint of Urban Food Consumption Journal Article Goldstein et al. 2016
Towards more comprehensive urban environmental assessments: exploring the complex relationship between urban and metabolic profiles Thesis Aristide Athanassiadis 2016
Urban Food Consumption in Metro Manila: Interdisciplinary Approaches Towards Apprehending Practices, Patterns, and Impacts Journal Article Burger Chakraborty et al. 2016
Urban Food Consumption in Metro Manila: Interdisciplinary Approaches Towards Apprehending Practices, Patterns, and Impacts Journal Article Burger Chakraborty et al. 2016
Water-Energy-Food nexus: framing the opportunities, challenges and synergies for implementing the SDGs Journal Article Paul T. Yillia 2016
Competition for land: a sociometabolic perspective Journal Article Helmut Haberl 2015
Environmental change and food security: the special case of small island developing states Journal Article Lowitt et al. 2015
Governance of transitions towards sustainable development – the water–energy–food nexus in Cyprus Journal Article Halbe et al. 2015
Mass, energy, and emergy analysis of the metabolism of Macao Journal Article Lei et al. 2015
Melbourne’s foodbowl: Now and at seven million Report Sheridan and Carey 2015
Sustainability, Efficiency and Equitability of Water Consumption and Pollution in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Mekonnen et al. 2015
The strategy good food: "towards a sustainable food system in the Brussels Capital Region" Report Céline Fremault 2015
Urban metabolism: Measuring the city's contribution to sustainable development Journal Article Conke and Ferreira 2015
Where does climate fit? Vulnerability to climate change in the context of multiple stressors in Funafuti, Tuvalu Journal Article McCubbin et al. 2015
An approach to the ecological footprint of Malargüe, Argentina Journal Article Iturbe and Guerrero 2014
The urban metabolism of the city of Uppsala (Sweden) Journal Article Russo et al. 2014
Urban material flow analysis: An approach for Bogotá, Colombia Journal Article Alfonso Piña and Pardo Martínez 2014
An innovative accounting framework for the food-energy-water nexus: application of the MuSIASEM approach to three case studies Book Giampietro et al. 2013
An urban metabolism and ecological footprint assessment of Metro Vancouver Journal Article Moore et al. 2013
Quantification of urban metabolism through coupling with the life cycle assessment framework: concept development and case study Journal Article Goldstein et al. 2013
Resource Use and Waste Generation by the Tourism Industry on the Big Island of Hawaii Journal Article Osamu Saito 2013
Caribbean Agriculture in a Period of Global Change: Vulnerabilities and Opportunities Journal Article David Barker 2012
Efficiency Through Proximity: Changes in Phosphorus Cycling at the Urban–Agricultural Interface of a Rapidly Urbanizing Desert Region Journal Article Metson et al. 2012
Nitrogen food-print: N use and N cascade from livestock systems in relation to pork, beef and milk supply to Paris Journal Article Chatzimpiros and Barles 2012
Caribbean COVID-19 Food Security & Livelihoods Impact Survey Report World Food Programme 2010
Evaluation of urban metabolism based on emergy synthesis: A case study for Beijing (China) Journal Article Zhang et al. 2009
The food-print of Paris: long-term reconstruction of the nitrogen flows imported into the city from its rural hinterland Journal Article Billen et al. 2009
Urbanization and Socioeconomic Metabolism in Taipei Journal Article Huang and Chen 2009
Using Material Flow Analysis to Illuminate Long-Term Waste Management Solutions in Oahu, Hawaii Journal Article Eckelman and Chertow 2009
A Demand-Centered, Hybrid Life-Cycle Methodology for City-Scale Greenhouse Gas Inventories Journal Article Ramaswami et al. 2008
The energy and mass balance of Los Angeles County Journal Article Ngo and Pataki 2008
The flow of phosphorus in food production and consumption — Linköping, Sweden, 1870–2000 Journal Article Neset et al. 2008
Nitrogen balance for the urban food metabolism of Toronto, Canada Journal Article Jennifer Forkes 2007
Ecological citizenship and sustainable consumption: Examining local organic food networks Journal Article Gill Seyfang 2006
Food Consumption and Nutrient Flows: Nitrogen in Sweden Since the 1870s Journal Article Tina-Simone Schmid Neset 2006
The Use and Knowledge of Herpetofauna on Little Nicobar Island, India Journal Article Manish Chandi 2006
Postconsumption Sewage Treatment in Environmental Systems Analysis of Foods Journal Article Ulf Sonesson 2004
Estimating the urban metabolism of Canadian cities: Greater Toronto Area case study Journal Article Sahely et al. 2003
A material flow analysis and ecological footprint of York Report Barrett et al. 2002
An ecological footprint of Liverpool Report Barett and Scott 2001
Escalating trends in the urban metabolism of Hong Kong: 1971-1997 Journal Article Warren-Rhodes and Koenig 2001
Urban nutrient balance for Bangkok Journal Article Færge et al. 2001
Energy flow analysis as a tool for developing a sustainable society—a case study of a Swedish island Journal Article Sundkvist et al. 1999
The metabolism of a city: the case of Hong Kong Journal Article Newcombe et al. 1978
Essay on the metabolism of Berlin Conference Paper Theodor Weyl 1894