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Blockchain for the circular economy: Theorizing blockchain's role in the transition to a circular economy through an empirical investigation Journal Article Böhmecke-Schwafert et al.
Circular business strategies and supply chain finance in the Aruba waste sector: A case study of a small island jurisdiction Webpage and Alofs
Circular material use rate Dataset Eurostat
Contribution of recycled materials to raw materials demand - end-of-life recycling input rates (EOL-RIR) Dataset Eurostat
EU self-sufficiency for raw materials Dataset Eurostat
Generation of municipal waste per capita Dataset Eurostat
Generation of waste excluding major mineral wastes per GDP unit Dataset Eurostat
Generation of waste excluding major mineral wastes per domestic material consumption Dataset Eurostat
Patents related to recycling and secondary raw materials Dataset Eurostat
Private investments, jobs and gross value added related to circular economy sectors Dataset Eurostat
Recovery rate of construction and demolition waste Dataset Eurostat
Recycling of biowaste Dataset Eurostat
Recycling rate of all waste excluding major mineral waste Dataset Eurostat
Recycling rate of e-waste Dataset Eurostat
Recycling rate of municipal waste Dataset Eurostat
Recycling rate of packaging waste by type of packaging Dataset Eurostat
Trade in recyclable raw materials Dataset Eurostat
Island and Indigenous systems of circularity: how Hawaiʻi can inform the development of universal circular economy policy goals Journal Article Beamer et al. 2023
Regenerative economics at the service of islands: Assessing the socio-economic metabolism of Samothraki in Greece Journal Article Zisopoulos et al. 2023
Closing the material loops for construction and demolition waste: The circular economy on the island Bornholm, Denmark Journal Article Christensen et al. 2022
Digital sufficiency: conceptual considerations for ICTs on a finite planet Journal Article Santarius et al. 2022
Towards a Circular Economy for African Islands: an Analysis of Existing Baselines and Strategies Journal Article Andriamahefazafy and Failler 2022
Waste colonialism and metabolic flows in island territories Journal Article Manglou et al. 2022
Electronic waste in the Caribbean: An impending environmental disaster or an opportunity for a circular economy? Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2021
Global Academy of Training and Research Journal Journal Article Vetrova and Ivanova 2021
How big is circular economy potential on Caribbean islands considering e-waste? Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2021
Reflections on Sustainability Concepts: Aloha ʻĀina and the Circular Economy Journal Article Beamer et al. 2021
The sociometabolic transition of a small Greek island: Assessing stock dynamics, resource flows, and material circularity from 1929 to 2019 Journal Article Noll et al. 2021
You can't manage what you can't measure: The potential for circularity in Grenada's waste management system Journal Article Elgie et al. 2021
“Trash is just treasure in the wrong place”: The social metabolism of waste in Grenada Thesis Allison Elgie 2021
Developing an Urban Resource Cadaster for Circular Economy: A Case of Odense, Denmark Journal Article Lanau and Liu 2020
Exploring circular solutions in the Danish waste system Report Metabolic 2020
Exploring circularity in the construction sector in Bodø, Norway Video Recording Aristide Athanassiadis 2020
Methodological framework for the implementation of circular economy in urban systems Journal Article Levoso et al. 2020
Reviewing circular economy rebound effects: The case of online peer-to-peer boat sharing Journal Article Warmington-Lundström and Laurenti 2020
Valorizing nitrogen and phosphorus in urine for better ecological and food security Report Pruvost-Bouvattier et al. 2020
What is a circular city? (and is it an oxymoron?) Video Recording Aristide Athanassiadis 2020
A Geodesign Decision Support Environment for Integrating Management of Resource Flows in Spatial Planning Journal Article Arciniegas et al. 2019
Artificial intelligence and the circular economy: AI as a tool to accelerate the transition Report Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2019
Circular Economy Strategies in Eight Historic Port Cities: Criteria and Indicators Towards a Circular City Assessment Framework Journal Article Antonia Gravagnuolo and Girard 2019
Construction and demolition waste generation in cities in India: an integrated approach Journal Article Jain et al. 2019
Including Urban Metabolism Principles in Decision-Making: A Methodology for Planning Waste and Resource Management Journal Article Longato et al. 2019
Infrastructure expansion, waste generation and EU policies on Circular Economy in Samothraki, Greece: An island's dilemma Document Noll et al. 2019
Managing the Transition towards Circular Metabolism: Living Labs as a Co-Creation Approach Journal Article Amenta et al. 2019
Materials flow analysis in support of circular economy development: Plastics in Trinidad and Tobago Journal Article Millette et al. 2019
Modeling copper demand in China up to 2050: A business-as-usual scenario based on dynamic stock and flow analysis Journal Article Dong et al. 2019
Modeling copper demand in China up to 2050: A business‐as‐usual scenario based on dynamic stock and flow analysis Journal Article Dong et al. 2019
Opportunities and limits of circular economy as policy framework for urban metabolism Book Section Athanassiadis et al. 2019
Panorama Paquetá Thesis Lodewijk Luken 2019
Smart technologies for promotion of energy efficiency, utilization of sustainable resources and waste management Journal Article Nižetić et al. 2019
The expansion of the built environment, waste generation and EU recycling targets on Samothraki, Greece: An island’s dilemma Journal Article Noll et al. 2019
The expansion of the built environment, waste generation and EU recycling targets on Samothraki, Greece: An island’s dilemma Journal Article Noll et al. 2019
‘One Planet’ Cities: Sustaining Humanity within Planetary Limits Book David Thorpe 2019
Circular Cities: determinants of closed circulation of building materials. Conference Paper Urszula Koźmińska 2018
Development of an urban FEW nexus online analyzer to support urban circular economy strategy planning Journal Article Xue et al. 2018
Interpreting Circularity. Circular City Representations Concealing Transition Drivers Journal Article Marin and De Meulder 2018
Circular Economy in the Construction Sector in Brussels: State of the art, challenges and model to come Report Aristide Athanassiadis 2017
Circular economy. The Municipality of The Hague Report The Municipality of The Hague 2017
Map of actors and initiatives in circular economy in Montréal Report Scherrer et al. 2017
Meaningful Circular Metabolism Thesis B. D. Nap 2017
On the circularisation of territorial metabolism Book Section Stephan Kampelmann 2017
Scientific literature analysis on big data and internet of things applications on circular economy: a bibliometric study Journal Article Nobre and Tavares 2017
A Strategy for Material Supply Chain Sustainability: Enabling a Circular Economy in the Electronics Industry through Green Engineering Journal Article O’Connor et al. 2016
Mapping the anthropogenic stock in Germany: Metabolic evidence for a circular economy Journal Article Schiller et al. 2016
Material Flow Analysis in Quebec: Methods and operationalising challenges in a circular economy perspective Thesis Audrey Morris 2016
Study of material flows across the territory and counties of Lorraine Report Jean Lecroart Margaux Montagnon Jean-Yves Courtonne 2016
Towards more comprehensive urban environmental assessments: exploring the complex relationship between urban and metabolic profiles Thesis Aristide Athanassiadis 2016
Formal and Informal Waste Management: Limitations and Potentialities of Recycling in the Galapagos Islands Journal Article A. Cecchin 2015
Material Flow Analysis for a Circular Economy Development: A Material Stock Quantification Method of Urban Civil Infrastructures with a Case Study of PVC in an Amsterdam Neighbourhood Thesis Carolin Bellstedt 2015
Metabolism of Brussels-Capital Region: identification of flows, economic actors and activities on the territory and tracks of reflection for resource optimisation Report Environnement et al. 2015
Urban Metabolism as Framework for Circular Economy Design for Cities Conference Paper Leonardo Rosado Yuliya Kalmykova 2015
Moving Toward the Circular Economy: The Role of Stocks in the Chinese Steel Cycle Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2012
Towards a national circular economy indicator system in China: an evaluation and critical analysis Journal Article Geng et al. 2012
A method for regional-scale material flow and decoupling analysis: A demonstration case study of Aichi prefecture, Japan Journal Article Tachibana et al. 2008
The Circular Economy: A New Development Strategy in China Journal Article Yuan et al. 2006
An island approach to industrial ecology: towards sustainability in the island context Journal Article Deschenes and Chertow 2004