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Title Type Author(s) Year
An Index of Cryptocurrency Environmental Attention (ICEA) Report Lucey et al. 2021
Bitcoin consumes 'more electricity than Argentina' Newspaper Article Cristina Criddle 2021
Bitcoin mining activity and volatility dynamics in the power market Report Karmakar et al. 2021
Bitcoin’s energy consumption and social costs in relation to its capacity as a settlement layer Report Ante and Fiedler 2021
How Bitcoin Mining Is Solving Our E-Waste Crisis Magazine Article Shinobi 2021
A novel approach to calculate individuals’ carbon footprints using financial transaction data – App development and design Journal Article David Andersson 2020
Bitcoin-energy markets interrelationships - New evidence Journal Article Corbet et al. 2020
Block change: The fallacy of blockchain immutability and cartel governance Journal Article Roberto D. Taufick 2020
Blockchain and Smart Contract for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform: Legal Obstacles and Regulatory Solutions Document Lee and Khan 2020
Crypto-economy and new sustainable business models: Reflections and projections using a case study analysis Journal Article Massaro et al. 2020
Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market: Investments vs Potential Report Aneesh Kumar 2020
Going green: The effect of green labels on delivery time slot choices Document Agatz et al. 2020
Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Innovative Climate Finance under the Green Climate Fund Document Schulz and Feist 2020
Riding the hype cycle: Is blockchain still key to a better energy system? Magazine Article David Paolella 2020
Fintech and the innovation trilemma Journal Article Brummer and Yadav 2019
Implausible projections overestimate near-term Bitcoin CO 2 emissions Journal Article Masanet et al. 2019
Rational mining limits Bitcoin emissions Journal Article Nicolas Houy 2019
Renewable Energy Will Not Solve Bitcoin’s Sustainability Problem Journal Article Alex de Vries 2019
SPB: A secure private blockchain-based solution for energy trading Magazine Article Dorri et al. 2019
Moeda to finance 18 Brazil-based businesses in support of UN's sustainable development goals program Newspaper Article 2018
Not-so-smart blockchain contracts and artificial responsibility Journal Article Adam J Kolber 2018
On the Scalability of Blockchain-Supported Local Energy Markets Conference Paper Blom and Farahmand 2018
Stop worrying about how much energy bitcoin uses Journal Article Katrina Kelly-Pitou 2018
Talking Sense About Bitcoin Electricity Use Journal Article Jonathan G. Koomey 2018
‘Blockchain’ is meaningless Newspaper Article Adrianne Jeffries 2018
BitCoin: The case against strict regulation Journal Article Michael Sherlock 2017
How to regulate disruptive innovation - from facts to data Journal Article Kaal and Vermeulen 2017
Nobody puts blockchain in a corner: The disruptive role of blockchain technology in the financial services industry and current regulatory issues Journal Article Elizabeth Ross 2017
Sustainability of bitcoin and blockchains Journal Article Harald Vranken 2017
The taking economy: Uber, information, and power Journal Article Calo and Rosenblat 2017
Sharing ledgers for sharing economies: An exploration of mutual distributed ledgers (aka blockchain technology) Journal Article Mainelli and Smith 2015