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Title Type Author(s) Year
Applying machine learning approach in recycling Journal Article Erkinay Ozdemir et al. 2021
Machine Learning: New Ideas and Tools in Environmental Science and Engineering Journal Article Zhong et al. 2021
Closed-loop optimization of fast-charging protocols for batteries with machine learning Journal Article Attia et al. 2020
Towards the Systematic Reporting of the Energy and Carbon Footprints of Machine Learning Document Henderson et al. 2020
State of the Art of Machine Learning Models in Energy Systems, a Systematic Review Journal Article Mosavi et al. 2019
Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Document Rolnick et al. 2019
This AI idea has many fans Journal Article Heather Clancy 2019
Emerging trends in geospatial artificial intelligence (geoAI): Potential applications for environmental epidemiology Journal Article VoPham et al. 2018
How machine learning could help to improve climate forecasts Magazine Article Nicola Jones 2017
Making machine learning models interpretable Conference Paper Vellido et al. 2012