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Title Type Author(s) Year
Catalysing Science-Based Policy Action on Sustainable Consumption and Production: The Value-Chain Approach and its Application to Food, Construction and Textiles Report Lopez et al. 2021
Externalities of the Sharing Economy: Evidence from Ridesharing and the Local Housing Market Report Rachel Xiao 2020
Regulating Airbnb: How cities deal with perceived negative externalities of short-term rentals Journal Article Nieuwland and Melik 2020
The sharing economy and sustainability – assessing Airbnb’s direct, indirect and induced carbon footprint in Sydney Journal Article Cheng et al. 2020
The Impact of Airbnb on Residential Property Values and Rents: Evidence from Portugal Report Franco et al. 2019
Airbnb and the rent gap: Gentrification through the sharing economy Journal Article Wachsmuth and Weisler 2018
The High Cost of Short-Term Rentals in New York City Report Wachsmuth et al. 2018
The Impact of Airbnb on NYC Rents Report Scott Stringer 2018
An IOT design for smart lighting in green buildings based on environmental factors Conference Paper Jeyasheeli and Selva 2017
Energy efficiency in smart building: A comfort aware approach based on Social Internet of Things Conference Paper Marche et al. 2017
Racial discrimination in the sharing economy: Evidence from a field experiment Journal Article Edelman et al. 2017
Do Airbnb properties affect house prices? Journal Article Sheppard and Udell 2016
The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Estimating the Impact of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry Report Byers et al. 2013