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Title Type Author(s) Year
Digital Technology and the Environment Journal Article Balta et al. 2021
Global Academy of Training and Research Journal Journal Article Vetrova and Ivanova 2021
Total Energy Model V2.0 for Connected Devices Report Ryan et al. 2021
A Methodology for Assessing the Environmental Effects Induced by ICT Services: Part I: Single Services Conference Paper Coroamă et al. 2020
A roadmap toward a common framework for measuring the Digital Economy Report OECD 2020
Advances in sustainable approaches to recover metals from e-waste-A review Journal Article Islam et al. 2020
Environmental Sustainability of Digitalization in Manufacturing: A Review Journal Article Chen et al. 2020
OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2020 Book 2020
Bridging the Digital Divide: Challenges in Opening the Digital World to the Elderly, Poor, and Digitally Illiterate Journal Article Datta et al. 2019
Digital Rebound – Why Digitalization Will Not Redeem Us Our Environmental Sins Conference Paper Coroamă and Mattern 2019
Fintech and the innovation trilemma Journal Article Brummer and Yadav 2019
Is the Rate of Scientific Progress Slowing Down? Report Cowen and Southwood 2019
Review and categorization of digital applications in the energy sector Journal Article Weigel and Fischedick 2019
The Climate Effect of Digitalization in Production and Consumption in OECD Countries Conference Paper Kopp and Lange 2019
Assessing ICT global emissions footprint: Trends to 2040 & recommendations Journal Article Belkhir and Elmeligi 2018
Assessing indirect environmental effects of information and communication technology (ICT): A systematic literature review Journal Article Bieser and Hilty 2018
Measuring Digital Economy.pdf Report International Monetary Fund Staff 2018
Digital sustainability: Basic conditions for sustainable digital artifacts and their ecosystems Journal Article Stuermer et al. 2017
Digitalization and Energy – Analysis Report IEA 2017
How to regulate disruptive innovation - from facts to data Journal Article Kaal and Vermeulen 2017
Regulation tomorrow: What happens when technology is faster than the law? Journal Article Fenwick et al. 2017
Social responsibility of organizations: CSR 1.0, CSR 2.0 and what's next? Book Bąk and Rojek-Nowosielska 2016
Actors for Innovation in Green IT Book Section Hilty et al. 2015
Addressing the Obsolescence of End-User Devices: Approaches from the Field of Sustainable HCI Book Section Hilty et al. 2015
Minimizing global catastrophic and existential risks from emerging technologies through international law Journal Article Grant Wilson 2013
Smart everything: Will intelligent systems reduce resource use? Journal Article Koomey et al. 2013
Technological progress and sustainable development: what about the rebound effect? Journal Article Mathias Binswanger 2001