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Catalysing Science-Based Policy Action on Sustainable Consumption and Production: The Value-Chain Approach and its Application to Food, Construction and Textiles Report Lopez et al. 2021
Does not compute: Avoiding pitfalls assessing the Internet's energy and carbon impacts Journal Article Koomey and Masanet 2021
Investigating the Inconsistencies among Energy and Energy Intensity Estimates of the Internet: Metrics and Harmonizing Values Report Vlad Coroamă 2021
Connected & autonomous vehicles – Environmental impacts – A review Journal Article Kopelias et al. 2020
Drone Technology in Precision Agriculture: Are There No Environmental Concerns? Journal Article Ade Dawodu 2020
Evaluating the mineral commodity supply risk of the U.S. manufacturing sector Journal Article Nassar et al. 2020
On-demand automotive fleet electrification can catalyze global transportation decarbonization and smart urban mobility Journal Article Bauer et al. 2020
Who co-opted our energy efficiency gains? A sociology of macro-level rebound effects and US car makers Journal Article R. Galvin 2020
Funding the transition to all zero-emission vehicles Document Slowik et al. 2019
Preparation for reuse activity of waste electrical and electronic equipment: Environmental performance, cost externality and job creation Journal Article Pini et al. 2019
Rethinking energy demand governance: Exploring impact beyond ‘energy’ policy Journal Article Butler et al. 2018
Time Rebound Effect in Households Energy Use: Theory and Evidence Report Mizobuchi and Yamagami 2018
Citizen utilities: The emerging power paradigm Journal Article Green and Newman 2017
Rules and values in virtual optimization of California hydropower Journal Article Sonya Ziaja 2017
A Strategy for Material Supply Chain Sustainability: Enabling a Circular Economy in the Electronics Industry through Green Engineering Journal Article O’Connor et al. 2016
The rebound effect and Schatzki’s social theory: Reassessing the socio-materiality of energy consumption via a German case study Journal Article Galvin and Gubernat 2016
Optimized forest degradation model (OFDM): An environmental decision support system for environmental impact assessment using an artificial neural network Journal Article Jahani et al. 2015
Recycling of ICT Equipment in Industrialized and Developing Countries Book Section Hilty et al. 2015
The Microeconomic Theory of the Rebound Effect and Its Welfare Implications Journal Article Chan and Gillingham 2015
The Rebound Effect and Energy Efficiency Policy Report Gillingham et al. 2015
A Review of Footprint analysis tools for monitoring impacts on sustainability Journal Article Čuček et al. 2012
Blackouts illuminate India's power problems Journal Article Joshua J. Romero 2012
The smart meter and a smarter consumer: quantifying the benefits of smart meter implementation in the United States Journal Article Cook et al. 2012
Environmental decision support systems (EDSS) development – Challenges and best practices Journal Article McIntosh et al. 2011
Greening geographical load balancing Conference Paper Liu et al. 2011
Governing long-term social–ecological change: What can the adaptive management and transition management approaches learn from each other? Journal Article Foxon et al. 2009
Automation and accountability in decision support system interface design Journal Article Mary L. Cummings 2006
Consumer contamination: How consumers react to products touched by others Journal Article Argo et al. 2006
Ecological citizenship and sustainable consumption: Examining local organic food networks Journal Article Gill Seyfang 2006
An overview of model integration for environmental applications - Components, frameworks and semantics Journal Article Robert Argent 2004
Designing and building real environmental decision support systems Journal Article Poch et al. 2004
The social shaping of household consumption Journal Article Susse Georg 1999
Delivering environmental decision support systems: Software tools and techniques Journal Article Rizzoli and Young 1997