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Title Type Author(s) Year
Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy: Helping People Build Cooperatives, Social Enterprise, and Local Sustainable Economies Book Orsi and Janelle
IoT Governance Report Morar et al. 2021
News - Climate | Ledger Initative Report Kohli et al. 2021
Democratising the Digital Revolution: The Role of Data Governance Report Delacroix et al. 2020
Does the algorithm speak your community's language? Journal Article Corrêa d'Almeida and Rivera Muñozcano 2020
Exploring the governance and implementation of sustainable development initiatives through blockchain technology Journal Article Schulz et al. 2020
Regulating Airbnb: How cities deal with perceived negative externalities of short-term rentals Journal Article Nieuwland and Melik 2020
Turning Point: Policymaking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence Book West and Allen 2020
What if AI could help us become ‘greener’? Document Kononenko and Vadim 2020
White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: a European approach to excellence and trust Document 2020
Governance of the Internet of Things (IoT) Journal Article Trautman et al. 2019
How and where is artificial intelligence in the public sector going? A literature review and research agenda Journal Article Sousa et al. 2019
Internet of Things: Implications for Governance Conference Paper Ponti et al. 2019
Rethink government with AI Journal Article Margetts and Dorobantu 2019
A legal perspective on the trials and tribulations of AI: How artificial intelligence, the internet of things, smart contracts, and other technologies will affect the law Journal Article Giuffrida et al. 2018
Algorithmic transparency for the smart city Journal Article Brauneis and Goodman 2018
Any Thing for Anyone? A New Digital Divide in Internet-of-Things Skills: A New Digital Divide in Internet-of-Things Skills Journal Article van Deursen and Mossberger 2018
Blockchain technology: An interconnected legal framework for an interconnected system Journal Article Fyrigou-Koulouri and Marina 2018
Cyprus energy resources and their potential to increase sustainability Conference Paper Tsangas et al. 2018
Rethinking energy demand governance: Exploring impact beyond ‘energy’ policy Journal Article Butler et al. 2018
Taming the golem: Challenges of ethical algorithmic decision making Journal Article Tene and Polonetsky 2018
The bot legal code: Developing a legally compliant artificial intelligence Journal Article Mokhtarian and Edmund 2018
Accountable algorithms Journal Article Kroll et al. 2017
Amoral machines, or: How roboticists can learn to stop worrying and love the law Journal Article Casey and Bryan 2017
Blockchain receipts: Patentability and admissibility in court Journal Article Guo and Angela 2017
Design-Thinking: The Answer to the Impasse between Innovation and Regulation Report Armitage and Cordova 2017
European Union regulations on algorithmic decision-making and a "right to explanation" Magazine Article Goodman and Flaxman 2017
How to regulate disruptive innovation - from facts to data Journal Article Kaal and Vermeulen 2017
Nudging robots: Innovative solutions to regulate artificial intelligence Journal Article Guihot et al. 2017
Regulation tomorrow: What happens when technology is faster than the law? Journal Article Fenwick et al. 2017
Rise of the digital regulator Journal Article Loo and Rory 2017
An FDA for algorithms Journal Article Tutt and Andrew 2016
Blockchain technology as a regulatory technology: From code is law to law is code Journal Article Filippi and Hassan 2016
Regulating artificial intelligence systems: Risks, challenges, competencies, and strategies Journal Article Scherer and U. 2016
Trial by machine Journal Article Roth and L. 2016
Regulating the sharing economy Journal Article Katz and Vanessa 2015
Minimizing global catastrophic and existential risks from emerging technologies through international law Journal Article Wilson and Grant 2013
Governing long-term social–ecological change: What can the adaptive management and transition management approaches learn from each other? Journal Article Foxon et al. 2009
Automation and accountability in decision support system interface design Journal Article Cummings and L. 2006