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Title Type Author(s) Year
The net environmental impact of online shopping, beyond the substitution bias Journal Article Heleen Buldeo Rai 2021
Artificial Intelligence Meets Citizen Science to Supercharge Ecological Monitoring Journal Article McClure et al. 2020
Environmental Informatics Vis-à-Vis Big Data Analytics: The Geo-Spatial & Sustainable Solutions Journal Article Paul et al. 2020
Optimized forest degradation model (OFDM): An environmental decision support system for environmental impact assessment using an artificial neural network Journal Article Jahani et al. 2015
Intelligent decision support systems in environmental management problems Journal Article 2013
Sharing economy: A potential new pathway to sustainability Journal Article Harald Heinrichs 2013
Environmental decision support systems (EDSS) development – Challenges and best practices Journal Article McIntosh et al. 2011
Governing long-term social–ecological change: What can the adaptive management and transition management approaches learn from each other? Journal Article Foxon et al. 2009
An overview of model integration for environmental applications - Components, frameworks and semantics Journal Article Robert Argent 2004
Binding environmental sciences and artificial intelligence in environmental modelling & software Journal Article Cortés et al. 1999
Delivering environmental decision support systems: Software tools and techniques Journal Article Rizzoli and Young 1997