Key variables by type of farming (2-digit) and NUTS 2 regions

AGRAREA_HA Utilised agricultural area (ha)
LFD_AWU AWU:Labour force - directly employed by the holding
HOLD_HOLD hold:No. of holdings
HOLDSL_HOLD hold:Sole holder holdings
HOLDLEG_GRP_HOLD hold:Legal persons or group holdings
SGM_ESU ESU:SGM of the holding
TOTAREA_HA ha:Total area
J_LSU LSU:Livestock

Associated spaces

Abruzzo , Adana, Mersin , Agder og Rogaland , Agri, Kars, Igdir, Ardahan , Alentejo , Algarve , Alsace , Andalucía , Ankara , ... view all (0)

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