Biofuel facilities in the Andalucia region

It contains information about the location of existing biofuel facilities in Andalusia. This set of spatial data comes from the information provided by the Andalusian Energy Agency, dependent on the former Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce, which uses them annually to prepare the Map of Energy Infrastructures of Andalusia (MIEA), the last of which The version, from which the data supplied comes, corresponds to December 31, 2018. The capacity is expressed in tonnes of oil equivalent / year (toe / year).


Associated space


Part of this shapefile

  • Abengoa Bioenergía San Roque
  • Albabio
  • Biodiésel Carboneras
  • Biooils
  • Biosur
  • ETBE CEPSA La Rábida
  • ETBE CEPSA San Roque
  • Entaban biocombustibles del Guadalquivir
  • Linares Biodiésel Technology


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