Caracterización de emisiones atmosféricas por fuentes fijas industriales del Distrito de Barranquilla

Barranquilla is characterized by the diversity of industrial activities that drive its economic development. However, the impacts of those industries to the air quality is unknown. The city lacks of an air emissions inventory that allows defining the type and characteristics of pollutants and incidence and their implications in the metropolitan area, taking into account four industrial corridors located in the city, five located in the metropolitan area and another one in project phase. Because of that a diagnosis of air emissions from stationary industrial district was carried out. To develop this work, three phases were established: the first one the consolidated database of industries with permissions of air emissions elaborated by the Environmental Authority of Barranquilla, in the second phase scrutiny of records was conducted, and finally analyzed the information listed in the National Register Environmental manufacturing, analyzing the data by type of emitted pollutant and spatial distribution of industries. 48 industries located in 4 areas were obtained, where 31.25% are characterized in terms of type, concentration and flow rate of pollutant emission. Most industries are reported in the free zone and the industrial corridor Via 40, and the main pollutants characterized gave concentrations between 23.76-1.03x10-7 kg / h for particulate matter, 2.4x10-16-34.71 kg / h and 1.24x10 -8-31.10 kg / h for NOx and SO2 respectively, reporting to the NOx as the major contaminant.

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