Spatially-Disaggregated Crop Production Statistics Data in Africa South of the Saharan for 2017

Using a variety of inputs, IFPRI's Spatial Production Allocation Model (SPAM, also known as MapSPAM) uses a cross-entropy approach to make plausible estimates of crop distribution within disaggregated units. Moving the data from coarser units such as countries and sub-national provinces, to finer units such as grid cells, reveals spatial patterns of crop performance, creating Africa South of the Sahara-wide grid-scape at the confluence between geography and agricultural production systems. Improving spatial understanding of crop production systems allows policymakers and donors to better target agricultural and rural development policies and investments, increasing food security and growth with minimal environmental impacts. (2020-06-15)

For more information and data download options, please visit the MapSPAM website at Funding support for MapSPAM was provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture,

Associated space

Sub-Saharan Africa

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