Biocultural diversity conservation for island and islanders: Necessity, goal and activity

Cultural diversity is highly dependent on the regional environment and natural resources. From an environmental historical perspective, the course of destruction of human civilization resulting from the depletion of ecosystems and resources, we confirm how the sustainable use of resources and appropriate conservation strategies are contributing to regional development. Due to the recent rapid changes in climate, the environments of oceanic and island regions are changing and the ecosystems and biological diversity are also undergoing significant changes. Island residents are very vulnerable to the changing natural environment, and diverse cultural characteristics and ecosystem knowledge that has been maintained up until now are under a threat of gradual extinction. Traditional culture and knowledge are related to the survival of islanders. This situation is understood throughout the world; in response to which, international organizations such as the IUCN and UNESCO, etc. have also put forth continuing efforts in preserving the life, cultures, ecology and knowledge of the island regions. This paper purports to provide a brief description of the international trends and backgrounds based on the ‘Island Biocultural Diversity Initiative’ and the latest activities.

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