City, Ecology, Climate and the Common Good: State of Affairs, Challenges and Perspectives from Latin America.

The work opens with a review of the overall urban problematic and in Latin America, to further give account of the main implications and immediate and midterm challenges, as well as the potential solutions currently under discussion, especially from the urban metabolism perspective and the urban ecology policy, better said, of the political ecology of urban metabolism. Thus the metabolic profiles of some Latin American cities are analyzed, including some matters related to the climate and socioenvironmental implications. Likewise, how far the main solutions proposed in international literature and in the academy contribute to the construction of anti-systemic alternatives, or by default, how far are they bets of resistance to any deep paradigm change, is reviewed, in case of the urban it refers from the approach assumed here, to cities which -spatial/territorial function- moves away from the accumulation of capital to rather build, with coordinated and consensus actions from bottom to top and from top to bottom, more fair, sustainable and resilient settlements, with more harmonic relations with the adjacent territories and beyond.

Associated spaces

Bogotá , Buenos Aires , Caracas , Lima , Mexico City , Montevideo , Rio de Janeiro , São Paulo

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