Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounts of Canton Vaud and Geneva, Switzerland

The dataset presents a first attempt to develop an Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounts (EW-MFA) at the scale of a Swiss canton.
The EW-MFA method, developed by Eurostat in 2001, is a systemic tool to evaluate the Urban Metabolism (UM) of a urban area. Originally, it was designed to represent nations at the best. Nevertheless, an understanding of UM at a regional scale leads to a finer understanding of city dynamics, which entails a major comprehension of resources needs and use, and of circularity prospects.
In our research, the cantons of Vaud and Geneva were selected as case studies. The spatial boundaries of the system therefore correspond to the cantonal limits (NUTS-3). Regarding the temporal boundaries, the reference year is 2018, but an overview between 2000 and 2019 is proposed depending on the available data.

Associated spaces

Geneva , Lausanne


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