Water-Energy Nexus

Water-Energy Nexus is an interdisciplinary journal that covers research on energy efficiency in water and wastewater treatment and distribution, energy for water transmission/treatment/distribution and wastewater collection/treatment/disposal, water for energy extraction/production, and any related topics. It publishes original works about physical, chemical, biological, and environmental processes in engineering and management of the water-energy nexus. It includes scientific and engineering strategies of experimental, theoretical, mathematical, and management approaches that deal with issues in water and energy. The work could be either bench scale or pilot scale.

Papers about strategies to improve water/wastewater treatment efficiency and to save energy consumption or produce energy in water/wastewater related industry, factors affecting water/wastewater treatment and energy production, and air pollutant emission related to water/wastewater treatment infrastructure and energy production are also welcome. Each submitted paper is evaluated for its novelty, originality, and practical implications.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Moving from theory to practice in the water–energy–food nexus: An evaluation of existing models and frameworks Journal Article Shannak et al. 2018