VertigO - la revue électronique en sciences de l'environnement (The Electronic Journal in Environmental Sciences)

Founded in 2000, VertigO is an interdisciplinary scientific journal of natural sciences and humanities whose articles are subject to the usual rules of evaluation by a peer committee. It promotes and disseminates scientific research and analysis on major contemporary environmental issues within the Francophonie. In less than 8 years, it has succeeded in becoming internationally recognized as the leading French-language electronic journal in the field of environmental sciences ( VertigOpublishes original research that uses multi-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary approaches to the extent possible. Submissions should address an environmental management issue using approaches such as case studies, theoretical analyzes, empirical analyzes, practical techniques (mathematical and computer models) to question environmental observations. Articles should inform researchers and practitioners working on regional, national or interstate environmental issues at the same time. Relevant research areas include, but are not limited to: quality, quantity and sustainability of resources; the different aspects of the management and use of the environment (resources and territories); sustainable development, both sustainability of resources and sustainability of communities, the state of ecosystems with evolving or comparative perspectives; the adaptation of societies to environmental changes (from the point of view of education, health, politics, economy, etc.); spill prevention and management and technical, social or pollution prevention processes; the place of regional and international protocols; social and political adaptation to environmental changes; socio-economic tools for sustainable development; epistemological reflections on the environmental sciences or the place of the environment in related disciplines. As governments and the public are increasingly concerned about the environmental issues that arise from the use of the environment by society, VertigO magazine creates a place for dissemination and discussion of contemporary environmental issues around the world and for the presentation of environmental management results. VertigO aims to reach all stakeholders concerned with the sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystems by society, both academics and local practitioners, and managers and other professionals in the environmental sciences.

Published by VertigO Environmental Publishing.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Foundations of Material and Energy Flow Analysis and Types of Application for Governing Territories and Organisations Journal Article Ribon et al. 2018
Protection et valorisation du patrimoine géomorphologique en Île-de-France (Bassin de Paris, France) Journal Article François Bétard 2015