The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (Int J Life Cycle Assess) is the first journal devoted entirely to Life Cycle Assessment and closely related methods. LCA has become a recognized instrument to assess the ecological burdens and impacts throughout the consecutive and interlinked stages of a product system, from raw material acquisition or generation from natural resources, through production and use to final disposal. The Int J Life Cycle Assess is a forum for scientists developing LCA and LCM (Life Cycle Management); LCA and LCM practitioners; managers concerned with environmental aspects of products; governmental environmental agencies responsible for product quality; scientific and industrial societies involved in LCA development, and ecological institutions and bodies. • Includes papers on LCA methodology; social and political acceptance; governmental activities and examples from industrial applications • Also presents historical sketches, short version of actual LCAs and case studies

Published by Springer.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Current trends and limitations of life cycle assessment applied to the urban scale: critical analysis and review of selected literature Journal Article Mirabella et al. 2019
Book Review: Practical handbook of material flow analysis Journal Article Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl 2004