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Title Type Author(s) Year
Global economic impacts of COVID-19 lockdown measures stand out in high-frequency shipping data Journal Article Verschuur et al. 2021
Large cities get more for less: Water footprint efficiency across the US Journal Article Mahjabin et al. 2018
A heat vulnerability index: spatial patterns of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity for Santiago de Chile Journal Article Inostroza et al. 2016
Effects of Climate Change on Exposure to Coastal Flooding in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Reguero et al. 2015
Input-Output Modeling for Urban Energy Consumption in Beijing: Dynamics and Comparison Journal Article Zhang et al. 2014
Development and dematerialization: An international study Journal Article Steinberger et al. 2013
Does Size Matter? Scaling of CO2 Emissions and U.S. Urban Areas Journal Article Fragkias et al. 2013
Marine Biodiversity in the Caribbean: Regional Estimates and Distribution Patterns Journal Article Miloslavich et al. 2010