Journal of Arid Environments

The Journal of Arid Environments is an international journal publishing original scientific and technical research articles on physical, biological and cultural aspects of arid, semi-arid, and desert environments. As a forum of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue it addresses research on all aspects of arid environments and their past, present and future use. Research Areas include: • Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironments • Climate and Climate Change • Hydrological processes and systems • Geomorphological processes and systems • Soils (physical and biological aspects) • Ecology (Plant and Animal Sciences) • Anthropology and human ecology (archaeology, sociology, ethnobotany, human adaptations,etc. Agriculture Land use grazing, mining, tourism, etc) • Land use (agronomy, grazing, mining, tourism, etc) • Conservation (theory, policy, sustainability, economics, heritage) • Land degradation (desertification) and rehabilitation • Environmental monitoring and management

Published by Elsevier.