Journal für Entwicklungspolitik (JEP) [Austrian Journal of Development Studies]

The Austrian Journal of Development Studies (AJDS) is the leading Austrian journal in development studies. Its main objective is to offer a forum for a broad critical discussion of development theory and policy to an Austrian and international readership. This includes debating current development-relevant concepts such as civil society or the role of institutions in development co-operation. Contents of the journal range from micro-social studies of gender relations or local empowerment strategies to macro-social research on issues such as migration or regional integration as well as focus analyses of certain countries or regions. It is a priority for the editors to publish high-quality contributions of young researchers both with Austrian and international background. Contributions are published in German or English language.

Published by Mattersburger Kreis für Entwicklungspolitik an den Österreichischen Universitäten.


Title Type Author(s) Year
How unequal is international trade? An ecological perspective using Material Flow Accounting (MFA) Journal Article Singh and Eisenmenger 2011