International Journal of Global Environmental Issues

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues (IJGEnvI) is a refereed reference and authoritative source of information in the field. Facing up to the challenge of longer-term issues, it completes the trio of journals (together with the IJEP and IJETM) which offer a comprehensive view of the key issues in the environmental debate. IJGEnvI aims to establish channels of communication between government agencies, professionals, academic experts and policy makers. Topics covered include: • Human environment • Biodiversity • Global warming and climate change • International conflict and cooperation on climate change issues • Control, regulations and policy • Complex Environmental, Energy and Economy (EEE) models for global policy • Economic, social engineering and social science approaches to resolving global environment issues • Decision-making and decision support systems for risk and disaster management on regional and global scale • Uncertainty and scenario analysis of global environmental change issues • Conceptualising, modelling and applying concepts of spatial and regional sustainability and sustainable trade • Future visions and scenarios

Published by Inderscience.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Material flow accounting of Spain Journal Article Cañellas et al. 2004