International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development

International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development (IJESD) is a fully-refereed academic journal. It addresses matters related to environment and sustainable development, paying special attention to relevant issues in developing countries while reporting on the latest environmental trends in industrialised nations. The journal's range of themes encompasses ecological studies, field research, empirical work and descriptive analyses on topics such as: Environmental systems, Environmental policies and politics, Environmental legislation, Environmental impact assessment, Water and energy related issues, Sustainability, Sustainable development approaches and methods. Other matters related to or which influence the international debate on sustainability will be also considered. The journal is published in conjunction with the UN Environment Programme. Associated Organisations are UNESCO, Paris (France), UN Environment Programme, Nairobi (Kenya). The issue of environment and sustainable development is a complex one. Often environmental and development matters are intertwined and a holistic understanding of them is necessary to achieve long-term progress. IJESD intends to act as an outlet for papers dealing with the issues raised in an interdisciplinary way. Specifically, it reports on initiatives involving environmental improvements in developing and industrialised nations, disseminates case studies, projects and programmes and reports on the findings of studies and research on environment and sustainable development. It will also foster information exchange with respect to pilot projects on transport, recycling, waste management and analysis of legislation and appraisals of the impacts of regulations, among other topics. Moreover, it will serve as a vehicle for the documentation and dissemination of what government bodies, research agencies, international bodies, universities and aid agencies are doing to pursue the path of sustainable development. Topics covered include: • Global environmental issues • Agenda 21 • Energy, water, recycling, waste management • Environmental reports • Environmental policies and action plans • Environmental systems • Environmental legislation • Environmental impact assessment • Sustainable development approaches and methods

Published by United Nations Environment Programme, Inderscience.


Title Type Author(s) Year
A material flow analysis of wood and paper in Cape Town: is there potential to redirect flows in formal and informal sectors to foster use as a renewable resource? Journal Article Nissing and von Blottnitz 2007