Environmental Science & Policy

Environmental Science & Policy promotes communication among government, business and industry, academia, and non-governmental organisations who are instrumental in the solution of environmental problems. It also seeks to advance interdisciplinary research of policy relevance on environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity, environmental pollution and wastes, renewable and non-renewable natural resources, sustainability, and the interactions among these issues. The journal emphasises the linkages between these environmental issues and social and economic issues such as production, transport, consumption, growth, demographic changes, well-being, and health. However, the subject coverage will not be restricted to these issues and the introduction of new dimensions will be encouraged.

Published by Elsevier.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Governance of the water-energy-food security nexus: A multi-level coordination challenge Journal Article Claudia Pahl-Wostl 2019
Climate change adaptation in small island developing states: Insights and lessons from a meta-paradigmatic study Journal Article Stacy-ann Robinson 2018
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The water-energy-food nexus: Is the increasing attention warranted, from either a research or policy perspective? Journal Article Dennis Wichelns 2017
The water-energy-food nexus: Trade-offs, thresholds and transdisciplinary approaches to sustainable development Journal Article Mathew Kurian 2017
Anatomy of a buzzword: The emergence of ‘the water-energy-food nexus’ in UK natural resource debates Journal Article Cairns and Krzywoszynska 2016
The value of urban ecosystem services in New York City: A spatially explicit multicriteria analysis of landscape scale valuation scenarios Journal Article Kremer et al. 2016
Understanding barriers to decision making in the UK energy-food-water nexus: The added value of interdisciplinary approaches Journal Article Howarth and Monasterolo 2016
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Food, water, and energy security in South Asia: A nexus perspective from the Hindu Kush Himalayan region☆ Journal Article Golam Rasul 2014
The importance of raw material equivalents in economy-wide material flow accounting and its policy dimension Journal Article Kovanda and Weinzettel 2013